Ready or not here is Linux?

Everyone knows what quicken is! :wink:

I didn’t until today and I’ve lived my whole life in the US :wink:

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Opposite! Back when I had a terribly slow connection, streaming videos wasn’t an option. I downloaded and watched every video. These days I’m using mpv to stream (gives video, minus the youtube javascript bloat). And the browser when I’m “just checking out something”.

Oh, fair point I guess. I assumed streaming would be faster, but if i think about it it would be slower indeed.

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Oh, then solution on Linux is easier than even trying to run it in Wine or something - drop the government! :smiley:

Here you go, problem solved :upside_down_face:


Just some? Hah his points are totally biased and show just how “out of the real world” some people are with Linux.


i know that too… but i never come to the idea that i need to use it…

Neither Mozilla Firefox nor Google Chrome use video decoding and output acceleration in Linux (which is a hell to set up in many cases), thus youtube clips will drain your laptop battery a lot faster than e.g. in Windows.

This part is no-longer true. Firefox now supports hardware decoding for videos by default on Linux.

I don’t think so. The next version FF 96 should enable the VA-API stuff by default on Wayland and Xorg.

All I needed to do was to install the enhanced-h264ify addon and I now get H/W video playback.

But there are variables, like your GPU. For example Intel iGPUs use two different drivers, depending on the generation.

For example my 10th Gen Intel needs to use intel-media-driver to get VA-API which currently causes issues in Firefox and I need to set few variables in about:config. These issues should be fixed in FF96 and then shouldn’t need these special settings anymore.

It’s also mentioned in ArchWiki: Firefox - ArchWiki (

Interesting compilation. How good it is that I no longer play on a computer, so I don’t really experience any problems with the Nvifdia Nouveau driver. As I can see, there are quite a few issues with as well, sometimes I experience desktop crashes, although they haven’t happened lately.

I didn’t know Linux was that problematic :rofl:

If there are that much problems, then why would Linux users would be using Linux?

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I guess we like to torment our selves ;D

I am sure that there are people who like to torment themselves (including me in the past) but I have also read a lot of “Bye bye Windows” or “I installed Linux to my relatives’ PCs” stories. These wouldn’t happen if Linux was unusable/unstable.

I can confirm only that I do not have any issue with Linux…

I have no task that I can not handle on my install, no applications missing, no issue with drivers, video acceleration, multimonitor setups, watching streams, power-saving, viruses, stability, Intrusive advertising, bad support, printing works without huzzle, scanning just works, i do not game so… no word about that ;), task managers system monitoring running here on the press of my finger if needed or automatically saved in journals, interfaces as i like or not i can run my system fitting my needs, no need to fit myself into a system, I am in control.


Linux is ready, it would just appear that people who can’t be bothered to learn new ways are the problem. Remember we all had to learn Unix/MacOS/AmigaOS/AtariTOS/Windows years ago. What is so hard about learning Linux Distros? Linux is fine, just learn and keep an open mind. I agree with @joekamprad with one aspect though, I also am not a gamer so I cannot comment on that.

Linux is not the best OS I have ever used - but it IS the best of the available choices now. as for gaming, I left that on the BEST system for it - the Amiga! Of course it was also the best CLI ever as well, and ARexx made it the most scriptable as well…

At least Linux comes sorta close! :grin:


This videos makes some very interesting points, one or two of which I haven’t considered before. Thanks for sharing it!

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