Program like hwmonitor for Linux?


do somebody maybe know a program wich outputs the same amount of data like hwmonitor?

Im aware of lm sensors and the GUIs like psensor. But there is a lot what is missing. for example voltages, usage, cpu speed and many other.

Conky can be configured to output alot.

There are several…glances, htop, top, bpytop, bytop, etc.

glances, htop, bpytop, bytop, etc? They have a whole another purpose. They only show wich process is running etc (few of them with cpu temperature, but still incomplete).

Im searching for a thing wich do exact the same like hwmonitor and many others (all only for windows)…

Yea. and to complicated. and “runs only on desktop”. No Window wich can be resized and moved arround.

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Give this a try…

AUR (en) - openhardwaremonitor (

Open Hardware Monitor - Core temp, fan speed and voltages in a free software gadget

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Inxi :smiley: not the greatest but solid on performance and features it provides:D

Sadly this didnt work:

But this seems to be only for Windows anyway and the project seems to be dead.

So, it seems it only exist many different programs wich all dont do the same (or only the same limited data).

Maybe we could crowdfounding something like that?

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Use the other link it is an AUR package.



No bloat detected :sunglasses:

I guess it’s not for every hardware, which…beats the purpose :laughing:

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I builded from AUR. Didnt work. The -git version didnt work too. But its no wonder, because the project seems to be dead (no new commits and over 900! open issues).

Guess we need to report it then. :+1:

Report? where? Github? :laughing: I dont think that somebody in the project really cares.

The issue is missing drivers for most boards to cover all sensors. PSensor and Xsensor,etc. can show as much data but they need access to it.

Depending on the board you may need something like the OOT it87-dkms driver for sensor data. Depends on the board what’s available or that you need.

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The whole idea of Windows’s portable system-info stuff like cpu-x / gpu-z / hardwaremonitor - is ability to get relevant hardware information on any system regardless of installed drivers / software, i guess there’s just no such thing on Linux unfortunately… :expressionless:

except there are installed drivers on windows :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
They either use WMI or Some other driver that is from the manufacturer. When a board is too new or not supported those software arent able to read it. They run into similar issues its just they have access to actual drivers/interfaces from the manufacturers vs linux which is all from scratch.

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Yeah, that’s what i meant :upside_down_face:

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it could be but the maintenance burden is pretty high for keeping up with all the different chips and variants for sensor monitoring. Thats why for instance the it87 driver was dropped by the guy attempting to mainline it, They just couldnt keep up with it.

Thats sad.

But i found a fork of openhardwaremonitor, wich is still maintained:

Maybe somebody can try it to compile it? Or create a AUR Package? I sadly dont know how to build it.

you might have a tough time of it with it being a .Net application

I found a Solution/Programm that do exactly what i wanted.

But the Solution is on a other Thread here :smiley:

This is the Solution/Hint i found.

zenmonitor does exactly what i wanted.

Just for the records.

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