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I created this topic to help others by sharing my experience using my Tuxedo Computers pulse 15 (with AMD ryzen 7) laptop, which I received recently, the support team is very helpful and has been helping me to set up my laptop, even if they don’t support Arch linux as they state on their website.

My issue was with hibernation and waking from sleep, after setting up btrfs with my new install I experienced total black screen every time the machine gone to sleep.

First I made sure swap is properly handled with swapfile on encrypted drive, with that I had resolved some of the problem so it would wake up from sleep, but hibernation still resulted with non-responsive system.

Than I figured, issue must be with drivers so after many hit and miss I ended up with these packages:

local/amd-ucode 20211027.1d00989-1
    Microcode update image for AMD CPUs
local/linux-amd 5.15.v.12-1
    Linux kernel aimed at the latest AMD Ryzen CPU based hardware (ZNVER3/MZEN3)
local/linux-amd-headers 5.15.v.12-1
    Header files and scripts for building modules for Linux kernel aimed at the latest
    AMD CPU based hardware
local/xf86-video-amdgpu 21.0.0-2 (xorg-drivers)
    X.org amdgpu video driver
local/zenmonitor3-git 83.8ebd281-1
    Zenmonitor3 is monitoring software for AMD Zen-based CPUs, now with Zen 3 support!
local/zenpower3-dkms 0.2.0-1
    Linux kernel driver for reading sensors for AMD Zen family CPUs

It looks like only needed to change to amd optimized kernel. These packages along with Tuxedo’s own
apps work like magic on my Pulse 15 with Arch Linux.

local/tuxedo-control-center-bin 1.1.2-1
   A tool to help you control performance, energy, fan and comfort settings on TUXEDO
local/tuxedo-keyboard 3.0.9-1
   Keyboard Backlight Driver from TUXEDO Computers

Hope this helps and any other trouble I might have will post here regarding my experience with Arch on Tuxedo laptop.

Disclaimer: I am not associated with Tuxedo Computers in any way, I am simply a user of their hardware and trying to provide help to the community…


You might want to use linux-amd-znver2 instead.
The linux-amd kernel is build with Zen3 compiler optimizations (-march=znver3).

If I’m not mistaking the Pulse 15 is equipped with a Ryzen 4000 mobile series CPU which is based on the Zen2 architecture, not Zen3…


What the F…

First, thanks for showing me that zenmonitor, zenpower, and linux-amd exists. I self use a Threadripper (zenv1).

But why “What the F…”? Because i seriously didnt understand for what these packages are needed?

Ok, zenmonitor and zenpower i understand. and is a really nice gimmick to look at the current voltages & co.

But linux-amd? Cant find any documentation where i can read what the difference is to the standard mainline kernel? (im using linux-zen anyway)

Anyway, what me would interest: Are you happy with the device? i’ve been struggling with the idea for a long time now to buy a Machine from Tuxedo (they are only 1 Hour away from me). But then i would have something “new” as portable device… and i like my old thinkpads, because i modded the ass of them and they still run like hell :laughing:

Until today, im still waiting for a coreboot amd device. that would be nice.

Edit: Thanks for showing me that zenmonitor exists!

Main difference is that the kernel is compiled with optimizations for a specific CPU architecture.

Also there might be other changes in terms of kernel configuration (tweaked for AMD systems).

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So, like hundreds other Kernelvariants, mostly snakeoil for believers? :laughing:

Im aware of how to build and configure a kernel. But since powerfull hardware is “cheap”, for what?

I would understand it, to use a “amd specific” kernel, if you get for example 25% more performance on a notebook from the stoneage. But this kernel aims for amd cpus the last 7 years? I cant immagine that there is better stability or more performance (<1%) between this kernel and the standard mainline kernel.

But like everytime… this could be fire to discuss :smiley:


But anyway, my sad sad TR1950X didnt seems to be supported anyway, because of zenv1 :sob: :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

I guess it’s even less than 0.1%

Here and there some CPU intensive applications might benefit if they are compiled with the optimizations enabled, but not really a lot. e.g.: https://www.phoronix.com/scan.php?page=article&item=amd-znver3-gcc11&num=1

I have not digged deep to highlight the differences, but my experience is that it fixed the issue with the laptop not able to recover from hibernation, so there must be a reason for that, and as an average user I am quite happy with it.

The laptop in this case the Pulse 15 is very neat and I can comfortably say it’s a good build quality.

I have been using 14" laptops without numpad and was looking for a bigger screen with same size keyboard tbh…

Correct, it has the 4800h… I wasn’t aware of that there is one for the old version since the 2 are not much different except some tweaks you’d except from a newer version. I will give it a try see if makes any difference.

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