POP_Os Cosmic desktop

OMG! Ubuntu:

May try and build it later, but it is not a million miles away from Gnome :smiley:


Not a very informative article…

That is what happens when you base on article off of another article…

This seems to be the original post.


It’ll be interesting to follow how this goes, I think it’s a cool idea to keep their product as they want it without relying on gnome.


Thanks for sharing…I am interested in what they do to differentiate themselves. I mean there’s not really any point in completely duplicating Gnome in Rust…so they must be headed in some different directions?

I’d also be interested in EFL development status on Solus, when it starts?

Assuming it doesnt just end up being Gnome clone and actually has nice usability features and makes it easy to apply ICC profiles id use it.

Idgaf about the whole “muh rust” hype, but im all for another DE with features i like if Gnome Devs completely shit the bed in the future lol :upside_down_face:

It’s a totally new desktop. Gnome is out!

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yeah but the question is are they just making gnome in rust? or actually going to have serious differences that make it worth using.

If its just a clone theres not really a point, its fine for Pop users but if that ends up the case then i dont care about it.

This is what Im hoping Cosmic doesnt end up being lol

Looks promising so far. I am more concerned about the extension support. Also, why GTK? Why not QT or just pure rust? I thought they tried to get out of Gnome as much as possible?

Probably because their users (and maybe their developers) are accustomed to a gtk-based system.

Building an entire DE without using a toolkit would be substantially more work. They probably don’t have the budget or time for that.

I am not sure that is really their goal. I haven’t seen it stated anywhere at least.