[POLL] Sports Talk - Who's playing and what are you watching?

  • Baseball
  • F1
  • Football (American)
  • Soccer (Football for you all who don’t know what soccer is)
  • Basketball
  • Hockey
  • Cricket
  • Olympics
  • Other - please specify and I can add it to the poll

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Alright, I’m dying for people to talk more sports with, so this poll is mildly self-serving.

That being said, F1 started yesterday, and Jonathon and I used to talk about it pretty regularly. I know @freebird54 is a baseball fan, and @sradjoker is an NBA nut, but, what about the rest of you?

NFL is over, spring baseball hasn’t started yet, but F1 started yesterday. Bottas’ helmet and mullet were the talk of the town, and Verstappen looks to be taking off from where he left off at the end of last year.

What do you all watch? I love sports in general.

If any mod knows how to show who has voted in the poll, please add that. I can’t figure taht out hahaha

Fixed** I figured it out. - public=true

Sorry for the 2 of you who voted before I figured that out.

I love to professionally ride a ball and honk my horns!


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That will (not) be added to the poll shortly.

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Pfft…i though you’re seriously talking about athletic and competitive sport!


NFL - Rams
Baseball - Dodgers
F1 - Checo and Bottas
NBA - I just watch - I’m trying to get into it more, but it’s not as high on my list as the other 3.
NHL - Bruins
MLS - LAFC if they are on I’ll watch; I don’t have any home team in Europe since I’ve never been there and have no roots in Europe, so it’s hard to follow a team there.

I love baseball but not the people involved in MLB. I don’t follow any particular team but could get excited by a certain superstar player or another. I favor pitching the most, position number one on the scorecard of baseball is the most difficult in the sport. A close second is catcher, and everyone else and the coaches only need to be around.

Cannot read “mlb-dot-com” in certain days, could be a rat’s nest of little kid musings.

mlb.com is garbage reporting, the site drives me nuts.

Did anyone else out there watch any of the F1 practice yesterday?

NFL-N.O. Saints
MLB-Texas Rangers
Hockey-no favorite and seldom watch.
NHRA Drag Racing

I go to the Long Beach GP almost every year. It’s an awesome time, and those cars are freaking incredible.

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I would love to attend an Indy car race one day. The Indy 500 in person would be great!


NFL might be over but spring football just started though! Go Renegades!!! :football: :grinning: :tada:

(oh and rugby is pretty awesome too)

I love to play Badminton, cycling, cricket

:innocent: :grinning: :smiley:

Also I don’t mind if someone give me chance to perform Air Show.

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Renegades? XFL? Is that still around? I know the USFL started up again last year.

Yep, XFL started again last week! Pretty good games too. USFL starts in April. I went to a USFL game in Birmingham last year, it was a blast.

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I had no idea. I’ll check it out.

Also, I just realized I forgot golf. How the hell did I forget golf?

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My favourite sports to watch are female chess boxing, ordinary chess, snooker, Formula One, and StarCraft: Brood War.

I only watch football matches in the FIFA World Cup in which Croatia is playing, but that is only due to nationalistic reasons, not because I care much about football, so I can’t say in honesty that I am interested in it.

I sometimes play chess online anonymously, but that’s the extent of all my active sport participation. I also play various music instruments (currently, the harpsichord and the ocarina), but those are not sports, clearly.


Rugby League :smiley: St Helens
Football - Chester FC (and no it is not soccer…).

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Baseball - N.Y. Mets
Basketball - College - St. John’s University - N.Y.


I agree, that’s a bit of a guilty pleasure for my :clown_face: self :rofl:

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