Plasma is Great

Yeah, baby!


Though Plasma is great in totality, I reserve the right to rename this thread Regression City after the 5.19 release. Not so great in isolation.

KDE Release Schedule.

KDE Announcements for all releases, with all changelogs.

No need to pepper the thread with identical links whenever a new release lands.

Just a discussion thread for all things KDE … no flame wars please, no Us vs Them rubbish … all DEs deserve to be loved.

KDE Apps 20.08 due for release on Aug 13th, some big KdenLive changes coming.


Now that I just FINALLY figured out how to set a new shortcut for konsole, I’m much happier. . . Although I still can’t figure out how to set a new shortcut to switch to the next desktop. I enter it, and it won’t let me apply. But dammit, I WILL figure it out, or the bug will be fixed.

No matter how many times I deviate from KDE. Like a bug to the light, I always keep coming back.


I’m using yakuake as a terminal


Perhaps this should be a separate thread, but I assume you are looking under System Settings->Shortcuts->Global Shortcuts->kwin->Search: desktop. Now you have choices. In my setup, I modify Switch to Next Desktop and Switch to Previous Desktop to Meta+Ctrl+{Right/Left} by clicking the “V” dropdown, clicking on the top button, and applying the keys I want to use.

Does this help any? You’ve probably already tried this, but …

Edit: note kwin selection, above

I never liked yakuake, but since I do the window tiling, I really prefer konsole. If you want to short cut it, you don’t do it under applications anymore. It took me like 2 weeks to figure that out, and this morning the heavens rejoiced and I now have konsole again.

Yes. When I add custom shortcut for switch one desktop left/right, it will accept it, BUT apply won’t be available for whatever reason, so I can’t save it. I believe it’s a known bug currently.

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I can change this, there doesn’t seem to be a bug saving the shortcut.

Interesting. I tried some other combinations. Maybe it’s just my choice. . I used to use ctrl+tab for next and ctrl+shift+tab for previous. Those wont save, but if I pick a random combo, it does. Maybe It’s already used somewhere. It also wouldn’t let me use meta+tab and meta+shift+tab for some reason. But ctrl+shift+n is possible. . . Hmm. I’ll look more into it

For the meantime I’m using meta+space and shift+meta+space for next/previous. It actually works great and I’ll probably just keep this. You guys are all incredible. There’s just too many options with KDE.

Don’t forget that there are similar options for Switch to Desktop Above/ Below, in case you use a stacked desktop layout, e.g., 2x2, 3x3, etc. I use Meta+Ctrl+{right, left, up, down arrows} to navigate my 3x3 layout. Works great and doesn’t conflict with any keybindings in the rest of Plasma or in LibreOffice (where I do most of my work).

Good luck!

Barry (but not otherbarry :wink:)


Looking forward to it.

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Back to Plasma :partying_face: :partying_face: :partying_face: :partying_face: :partying_face:

I took a break and went to XFCE for a while , now back to Plasma

I only use Yakuake :grin:


I like yakuake! too! :shushing_face:


I know theoretically, there’s no wrong way to use Linux, but you may be the exception to that.

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Improved the speed and performance of generating thumbnail previews for files and folders (Stefan Brüns, Dolphin 20.12)

That’s cool, i’ve noticed it was pretty damn slow compared to something like Deepin file manager or Gnome… :upside_down_face:


And Thunar ( Really fast )

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Did anyone notice any difference in thumbanil generation speeds :question: :question:

Look in the brackets … won’t be released until next KDE Apps version (20.12,