Plasma 5.26 is (now) here!

There should be a button to update mirrors in the Welcome App

yes there is, I did it again, Arch and Endeavour, nothing

can you run:

sudo pacman -Syyu

and post

pacman -Qe plasma-desktop
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yes, now I’m installing, thank you

i am enjoying plasma 5.26 so far, yet another magic lamp effect got a fix and burn my windows broke a bit so waiting for kwin 5.26.1

Looks like a lot of plasma users are encountering problems with external monitor not working after suspend (or update). Plasma bug?

Edit: looks like two users use Ryzen CPU, maybe unrelated or not.

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I use a second monitor but not suspend so I cant confirm this but it wouldnt surprise me, I give it a week or so and itll be sorted especially with the amount of people using multiple montitors these days

Yeah that’s classical Plasma:
1 bug fixed → 2 bugs created :rofl:



Do you have AMD Ryzen or Intel CPU? Just wondering whether that’s a coincidence or not.

Intel CPU, I also use the LTS kernel over the latest


Don’t you know that…



Bugs??? I call them unexpected features


Unwanted, undesired…, unheard of features!! :rofl:

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Wondering if it’s really only affecting amd Ryzen cpu users. For whatever reason. Else seems they have either amd or Nvidia GPU

Sometimes, but they always force me to learn something

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Yeah… blessings in disguise :wink: :smile:

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As for those bugs or “unexpected features”, Plasma 5.26.1 has hit the Arch repos on the day of release. The changelog is here.

I’m sure that Gnome 43 will be available soon :snail:

I have never used multiple monitors so i can’t comment. I got no bugs here.

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I’m yet to see any bugs except for 1 that has popped up very rarely for ages now - when connecting an external hdd it sometimes shows it twice in dolphin, but closing dolphin and reopening fixes it

5.26.1 seems to have fixed the occasional problems I had with the taskbar and right-click not always working.