Pamac update notifier

I just updated through the terminal. How do I enable pamac’s notifier?
I searched, but nothing seems to work for me.
bash: pamac-tray-appindicator: command not found

Perhaps you would need to install it. It is in AUR.

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Thanks, I just built it from AUR. Anyway I can tell it is working?

I am not using Plasma, so I am afraid I couldn’t exactly tell. In Cinnamon I have

which is enabled in “Startup applications” and I get notifications when there are updates.

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Thanks. I’ll wait and see the updates :wink:

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I am very new to EOS so I haven’t read so much of the Wiki/docs yet but I found this. Might be of interest to you as well:


look in pamac pref

now i uninstall pamac coz i have zero need for it

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Thanks, but I dont have pamac. Pamac takes me to add/remove software, which does show the screen you are referencing.

… add/remove software is pamac :blush:


push 3 lines


Note: newer versions of eos-update-notifier do not start automatically after install. Instead, you need to manually start the service (once) using a terminal command:

eos-update-notifier -init

that from eos wiki

sorry my english not very good :pray:

Or if want in tray search ” pamac-tray-appindicator” in the AUR

I don’t know.

I did install PAMAC, but I don’t use it to update my system, I stick with system default for Plasma, Discover(Why was this chosen as the default? I have no problem with it, it works fine, just curious). EDIT: Turns out I was not updating the system files with Discover, rather the Update option on the welcome screen.

I just installed PAMAC because it feels familiar and I like it’s layout when searching for packages. I use it to install packages, and Discovered seems to know what I’ve installed no matter what manager the package was installed with.

I might get rid of PAMAC, I don’t know.

Sorry I didn’t really help. Just wanted to give you something to think about as I’m guessing we both migrated recently :wink:

Probably because it’s KDE program!

Keep in mind, that if you choose to use Discover - it doesn’t work as GUI for AUR as well, like pamac do :wink:

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Awww, you reminded me why I downloaded PAMAC in the first and why I’ll keep it :rofl: Silly me for not remembering.

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Also, Discover doesn’t find system files - it’s more a software centre (and KDE have stated they don’t want it to be a complete solution, only a SW centre) so I use octopi for searching if it’s not in discover.

BTW it does update everything (except AUR) so it can be used for all updates it just won’t find / install system software.

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Good to know. I’ve been using the software update option on the Welcome Screen to update my system. Most likely time for me to learn to update via CLI on Endeavour. I got use to updating with Pacman on Manjaro. I’m assuming it’s the same, pacman -Syyu ?

It’s actually really simple since EndeavourOS includes yay out of the box:

or download then cd into … finish with makepkg -si :blush:

Yay is ok tho :shushing_face:

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It’s that easy? yay
What’s the name of this package manager?
I’ll be reading up on it in the wiki.

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this will help

It’s not a package manager per se. Its a pacman wrapper. Pacman is the package manager.

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