Pamac is really a miss

Today I installed EOS Xfce on a spare laptop. Installation went very smooth. System restart was flawless.

First thing to do after a fresh install is system-update. That didn’t work because there was a conflict between the packages jack2 and pipewire-jack. I eventually solved it by finding this solution.

But I still couldn’t update because of a “corrupt package”. I was also able to solve this by following these instructions.

I finally came to the point that I wanted Pamac to easily add/remove software, as I’m used to on Manjaro. There may be multiple ways to install Pamac, but I followed the steps outlined here, which require Yaourt and result in the installation of Pamac-aur.

While I do understand that EOS is sort of a minimal Arch-based OS, I also believe that EOS would benefit from making the OS a bit more accessible to those having their first experience with a Arch-based OS. The Welcome screen is helpful, but the absense of Pamac isn’t. Pamac is not just about adding/removing software, but also to have a quick overview of available packages. For example, after installing Pamac, I used it to install the Vivaldi browser.

This is pretty much a feedback post in the hope it will be of some help to the EOS community.

Welcome to the forum and thanks for the feedback!

We don’t include pamac in the default install for several reasons but one of them is that pamac isn’t reliable outside of Manjaro. It is regularly broken on other Arch-based distros because it targets the Manjaro repos.

For more a more detailed response, please see here:

That being said, if you want to use pamac on your system, it is easy to install.

That is really out-of-date and over complicated. All that is needed is:

yay -Syu pamac-aur