Pamac and new Pacman 6.0.0... - does't work

Hello, have 3 computers, 2 with EnOS, one with Manjaro. All have Pamac. After last update: Pamac does not work (EnOS) -first PC.
But with Manjaro everything OK (after update too.)
On update for third PC (EnOs) have rejected update for Pacman, and it continues fine with Pamac.
And system reports:
Warning: installing pacman (6.0.0-2) violates dependency of ‘pacman<5.3’ needed by pamac-aur-gitAdd pamac-aur-git to remove.
What to do - is not clear for me.
Can someone help?

There are a lot of topics on this already. Here is a summary.

Long answer:

Short answer:
Install libalpm 12 from AUR.

More information on that here:

Either way, you will probably need to temporarily uninstall pamac-aur-git


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Either way, you will probably need to temporarily uninstall pamac-aur-git
I have done, Then I wanted install pamac-aur-git: no, doesn’t work.


pamac-aur-git requires a specific version of pacman. You will need to manually edit the PKGBUILD.

Alternatively, you could use yay to update and install pamac-aur and libalpm12 like this:

yay -Syu pamac-aur libalpm12

I got tired of the ritual dancing around Pamac and just replaced it with Bauh :laughing:


What you need to do is search the forum for pamac and read every single thread it finds. Then you’ll have a bit of an idea of how annoying this is getting…
Hell, try the thread at the very top of the forum home page, you know, the pinned one…

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Maybe need BIGGER banner :thinking:

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Even if you tried to read the several hundred posts in all of the topics on this issue, if you don’t understand how the AUR works and how pacman’s dependency management works it isn’t going to help you much. It will just be a bunch of jibber-jabber. The fact that pamac-aur-git requires a specific version of pacman makes this harder than a simple package install/removal.

This individual is looking for guidance that isn’t easily extracted from the topics linked above. Please don’t lose track of the fact that this isn’t an RTFM kind of place. This is the kind of place where we help people who want help.

If you don’t want to help, that is totally fine. However, there is no need to condescend towards those who need/want assistance.


Fair enough.

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Please kindly add this to:


very true words, it is an unspoken rule on the forum from the beginning, we simply do not know stupid questions.
When someone strives to understand and solve problems, it is always a pleasure to help.
And the core component of an unbiased welcoming culture.

point. back on topic now :wink:


Well, now this is old story. You can remove libalpm12 and get a working pamac-aur-git/pamac-all/pamac-all-git.

See: How to install pamac-aur-git / pamac-all / pamac-all-git with pacman 6.0


pamac-all working again


Welcome to the forum and to the purple fields of your endeavour :enos:


I fixed this package this week.


yep, can confirm its working again…


Thanks for help,
unfortunately always have errors.

yay -G pamac-all
cd pamac-all
makepkg -sri

this was made and:
FEHLER: ‘pacman’ konnte fehlende Abhängigkeiten nicht installieren.
==> Fehlende Abhängigkeiten:
→ libpamac-full
==> Prüfe Buildtime-Abhängigkeiten…
==> Installiere fehlende Abhängigkeiten…

FEHLER: Konnte nicht alle Abhängigkeiten auflösen.
==> Removing installed dependencies…
Where is my error?
Thank you.

Aaaaa, sorry, my system speaks germany
Error: Target not found: libpamac-full.
pacman’ could not install missing dependencies.
==> Missing dependencies
Check buildtime dependencies…
==> Install missing dependencies.

ERROR: Could not resolve all dependencies.
==> Removing installed dependencies…

Either install the dependencies first or just do:

yay -S pamac-all
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