Our ISO refresh is coming soon

It’s been a couple of months since we released our ISO-NEXT release and we are completely aware of the bugs in it that have risen to the surface, which have become major obstacles through time.

As we explained earlier, the ISO had received a complete overhaul between April and August and after releasing the community gave us very valuable feedback by submitting bug reports.

Joe and Manuel, together with a lot of help from our community members and the Calamares dev community, began starting to improve the ISO and with every improvement, another issue arose.

Among those improvements are Nvidia handling, Grub and lots of other improvements we will reveal in the release announcement.

To those who want to give us a try and the current ISO isn’t working on your hardware, the next release is nearly ready to be launched.

Even though we do work very hard to get the ISO working for most systems, you must understand that EndeavourOS is a labour of love and unfortunately, we don’t have the opportunity to test our ISOs on every single working hardware in the world. So don’t get too upset with us when our ISO, old or new, doesn’t work with your system, we honestly do what we can do.


The EndeavourOS team.


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Uusi ISO on pian tulossa!


I’m still happily rocking my April. iso EndeavourOS install, but there’s no doubt each .iso release gets better and better! Good luck to all the devs working to squash those pesky Nvidia and Grub bugs. Looking forward to hearing about all the other improvements. It’s already a great install process and I’m happy to see it getting even better! Love y’alls work :slight_smile:




French translation, it took a little longer to get published this time.


Merci, Fred.


I also only noticed that I could translate after Manuel posted the Finnish translation :pleading_face:


There goes the greek translation, too. :enos:


I’m excited for a future release with @dalto Calamares ZFS module.

:grinning: :ok_hand:


Could be that I will go for a ZFS ISO to test this out, and be helpful on developing at calamares.
But no guarantees :sailboat:


ZFS support would be really cool but no pressure, EOS has been a great learning platform for me as I was new to btrfs/snapper snapshots.

I have some suggestions as a new user, perhaps that could be made into a future ISO to make it more friendly for new users.

  1. The live boot would not load the DE most of the time. First few times I tried to boot using the default UEFI mode, it would load the DE maybe 1 times out of 4. The forum was very helpful in diagnosing the problem and I had to edit the kernel params to cut out all the nvidia and intel stuff. Then I had to either explicitly set nomodeset, or radeon.modeset=0, or radeon.modeset=1. Very weird. The default params include radeon.modeset=1 along with the other stuff but that is causing unpredictable behavior. Would be nice if there are multiple options to choose manually from.

  2. Lots of issues with loading plasma-x11, login screen (default SDDM, lightdm, even manual .xinitrc) would just hang or the KDE black-gear splash screen would get stuck. I’m now clearing the kde cache every time I login using .bash_profile. Don’t know if it’s related to [1], but if it’s I will update here.

  3. Issues with SDDM and shutdown/reboot hanging. Solved by disabling it and moving to an .xinitrc setup.

These are all minor issues and I really appreciate all your efforts in building this awesome distro. Initial impression blew me right away :star_struck:. On close to a decade old hardware (SATA SSD and 8 GB RAM are the only mods), EOS boots up in 10-15 seconds, minimal but has all the essential packages, RAM usage less than 500 MB with KDE Plasma, without a doubt deserving of the :rocket: emoji. Perhaps a good thing as it helped me to persist at solving all the minor issues and learn a lot in the process.

As @Bryanpwo already say in the topic, we can not support every hardware around the world.
And yes:

can be tricky to start with.

This is an announcement post for the upcoming ISO so it is not meant to be a suggestion.
To do this, a request should be made in the correct area of ​​the forum.

We look forward to every feedback and the contribution of the community to improvement and further development!

Sorry about this, mods please feel free to move/delete the post.

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It’s fine for now :wink:


Hey Joe,

Just wanted to tell you how much I appreciate the work you put into the distro. First time I tried the ISO you updated, the install took 5 minutes or less, the package selection was updated and you and the team updated us to a BTRFS setup. This is probably one of the best Linux setups IMO.


What does that mean for us for an installation already ? Newer packages ? New wallpappers ? haha

New grub theme(just pacman -Syu) and new wallpaper (pull it from welcome app).


the Dutch translation, a bit late but I only joined the translation team yesterday


welcome @kurdt67 ISO updates are only related to new installations, changes on packages from our repo will get to your already installed system without any extra action needed.
As @n1729m mentioned already.