Opinion about GarudaLinux

As the title says. Personally i find it as Manjaro but with Arch repository and a macos-like desktop.

Some people like it. Other people don’t. And then there’s some who don’t care at all.


When it was first started, that was certainly a big part of what they were were trying to achieve.

The last time I looked at it, it was still a bit too heavy for me. They also include a 3rd party binary repository which I am not personally comfortable with.

That being said, they are good people over there and if it meets your personal preferences why not check it out?




Garuda uses BTRFS as default filesystem. I don’t think that is the case with Manjaro.
They also implement automatic snapshots with Timeshift before each update.

Manjaro and Garuda in a nutshell. Manjaro bloated, forums now a dictatorship. Garuda forums ok, habit of linking apps together that aren’t linked in any other distro. This makes it where you either keep an app you don’t want just to keep one that you do want, or go ahead and remove the app you do want. Garuda is Btrfs by default and in my book that’s perfect. Garuda adds addons to Firefox, and in my book that is just not done by the distro devs. Both Manjaro and Garuda have a better kernel manager than AKM here in EOS.

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Garuda is nothing like Manjaro. It’s more like EndeavourOS, as it uses the Arch repos, plus additional stuff.

It’s pretty great, though I personally find it a bit too bloated for my taste, at least the “ultimate editions”. But if you want easy to install Arch Linux pre-configured for great performance, especially for gaming, and do not want to invest time and effort into configuring it yourself, Garuda is pretty awesome. Unlike EndeavourOS, Garuda is a much more opinionated distro. Some might agree with its philosophy, some might not. EndeavourOS is pretty much bare-bones Arch with a GUI installer and a few scripts, Garuda is heavily pre-configured. This may or may not be what you want. I haven’t looked at a lot of the settings in detail, but most of it seems pretty reasonable and I get the impression @librewish knows what he’s doing.

Garuda also has a great forum, much smaller than this, but just as helpful.

I do agree with @dalto, however, and I am not entirely sold on the Chaotic AUR repo or whatever it is called. I can see it being a potential security liability. Personally, I prefer to just use the AUR and build the packages myself. Makes my tinfoil hat less itchy.


Tried out Garuda recently ( A week ago ) and came back to Endeavour .

First tried i3 edition

It looked good but uninstalled because i3 didn’t suit my needs . Nothing wrong with Garuda

Then tried KDE Plasma

Uses dock instead of Panel so I had to change it along with theme and default Plasma shortcuts

It does some privacy enhancements

Firefox settings are tweaked for privacy , ff won’t even send local time to websites and sends UTC time instead unless changed in settings . I didn’t even know I could do that in ff

RAM Usage

Used a few hundred MB more RAM and uses ZRAM as swap . That’s good for me , because I am a privacy freak and swapping to disk even though it’s encrypted is not acceptable by me ; Yea , among the most paranoid ones

I got warnings when my available ram dropped below 500MB ,that’s nice . But I saw RAM filling up too fast . 10 tabs opened in Endeavour firefox consumed lesser RAM than 10 tabs opened in Garuda . ZRAM contributed to it I think . But performance was never down . So whoever with enough RAM can try Garuda

Edit : RAM usage in Garuda is higher than Endeavour . I know unused RAM is wasted RAM , but more free RAM means more things to do (like more tabs to open in your browser)

Firewalld was running already , another plus specifically for me .

File system doesn’t matter , you can choose BTRFS in EnOS and ext4 in Garuda with manual partition .
The reason I left Garuda was Plamsa . It froze and I am back to XFCE . Endeavour is my preferred distro for XFCE . If KDE didn’t freeze on me I would still be on Garuda .

About chaotic aur , you can still install yay and then compile from AUR and remove everything from chaotic aur :man_shrugging: . You can even install yay the recommended way i.e. not from chaotic aur .


This has already been said, but to confirm: Garuda takes the opposite approach to Arch. Arch leaves it entirely up to you to configure your OS, Garuda is highly opinionated on the setup. If you like what Garuda provides (e.g. fully-featured desktop with BTRFS snapshots), it works well. If you don’t want what Garuda provides (e.g. BTRFS and the default set of software), then don’t use Garuda. :wink:

EnOS provides a nice middle-ground - easy enough to get started, configurable enough to meet anyone’s needs, lightweight enough to not enforce an particular approach.


I’m in the “don’t care” section on this. Too bloated for me, so don’t use.


It seems like a good distro, if I’ll ever feel like I want something different, I’ll give it a shot – since their selling points are not what I’m used to using.

I prefer a barebones system to bloat up myself and settle on where the things that are installed, are all of my own doing and things I actively use. That’s why I stuck with EnOS so far. Also using Manjaro as almost exclusively GUI based distro gave me PTSD.

I’m an EndeavourOS fan and we have Btrfs by @2000 which is encrypted or non encrypted. Doesn’t get any better. :relieved:


Me neither, but it’s the only repo I know that has Plasmafox in it :slight_smile:

I haven’t tested Garuda yet, but it’s probably not for me. But it looks like a very good starting point for users who want a fully preconfigured gaming platform with lots of tweaks.


Linux users are spoiled , lot of candy’s :slight_smile:

every distro has its point doing things… as it works is it ok :slight_smile:


Thanks everyone for giving me your opinions. Honestly this is a good distro to recommend for people who are new to arch and can’t get used with EnOS. Gobble Gobble!


Garuda has a great team of people, many from Manjaro, you know, when it was in it’s heyday. They have a great forum and someone is always willing to help, much like EnOS. The developers have spent a lot of time on customization, much inline with what I setup and use after hours of drilling, hammering and building in EnOS , but it may not be for everyone’s liking. Love the fact they have foraged into BTRFS out of the box, and they have some great tools (kernel grabber.)

If EnOS did not exist (I prefer the minimalist approach best,) then I would choose Garuda, hands-down, or up. :raised_hands:

thats exactly what it is.

it is not for everyone

we add what we like in it.

some might not like it and thats fine because there is always something for everyone on linux


it matters a lot :sweat_smile:
at least in case of garuda

if you dont want to use btrfs
stay as far away as possible from garuda


I like their Wayfire edition, coz it’s one of a kind and a very interesting compositor :slight_smile:

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One thing about Garuda : nano doesn’t work, xkill doesn’t come preinstalled and some other tiny commands are missing. WHAT?