Nvidia 510.47.03 Graphics Driver Released

Greetings lovely community,

For all of you Nvidia users here I’ve got some (hopefully!) good news! Nvidia drivers are going from 495.46-2 → 510.47.03-1 and the update is now live. Normally for minor version bumps it’s not usually an issue to just run the update, but since this is a major new version, this is just a brief reminder to please make sure you save all your work and make your backups/snapshots beforehand. I’m in the process of downloading the update now, so I’ll edit the post in a moment if it is successful or I encounter any issues.

For a brief article to get up to speed on the latest Nvidia, 9to5linux has a good read here:

And for those curious about the changelog, here’s a direct link to Nvidia’s website for the drivers:

And lastly real quick, here’s the specific packages that will be updating:

[scott@endeavourOS ~]$ checkupdates; yay -Qua
libxnvctrl 495.46-2 -> 510.39.01-1
nvidia-dkms 495.46-2 -> 510.47.03-1
nvidia-settings 495.46-2 -> 510.39.01-1
nvidia-utils 495.46-2 -> 510.47.03-1

To the Mods: I just put this under General, in case any users experience any issues this could be a thread for it, otherwise feel free to move this topic to a more appropriate category if need be, thank you.

Edit: Just installed and reboot and everything works. Hope it goes the same for everyone else too, but if not feel free to post your issue(s) here.

Edit2: Looks like they’ve just issued a hotfix, so if you’ve already updated to 510, well, update again! :wink:

[scott@endeavourOS ~]$ checkupdates; yay -Qua
libxnvctrl 510.39.01-1 -> 510.47.03-1
nvidia-dkms 510.47.03-1 -> 510.47.03-2
nvidia-settings 510.39.01-1 -> 510.47.03-1
nvidia-utils 510.47.03-1 -> 510.47.03-2

Still proprietary? :pensive:


This release also removes the need for nvidia-fake-powerd - if you have that installed you can disable and remove it.

Also, 510.46.03-2 includes nvidia-powerd for the tiny number of people who have a compatible laptop:

The nvidia-powerd.service is disabled by default; you can enable it if you want to test, but don’t be surprised if it throws an error and refuses to start.


Successfully installed here. Nothing appears broken :slight_smile:


I hope this release is better than the last one. My Steam/Blizzard games ran like :poop: until I downgraded to 470.

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[Types “yay”]

…crap, nVidia driver updated, did I just do a bad thing?

[Computer reboots successfully}

…Alrighty then, I guess I drive on. Now, how much are AMD cards going for these days?


All good in the nvidia update.

$ checkupdates; yay -Qua
harfbuzz 3.2.0-1 -> 3.3.1-1
harfbuzz-icu 3.2.0-1 -> 3.3.1-1
libxnvctrl 510.39.01-1 -> 510.47.03-1
nvidia-dkms 510.47.03-2 -> 510.47.03-3
nvidia-settings 510.39.01-1 -> 510.47.03-1
nvidia-utils 510.47.03-2 -> 510.47.03-3



I don’t expect any issues. I’ll go update it now just to see. :expressionless:

Edit: No problem


Depends what you are looking for? 6600 starting around $549 Cdn 6600XT $649-$969 Cdn 6700 XT $999-$1300 Cdn 6800 $1599 Cdn 6800 XT $1499-$1999 Cdn 6900 XT $1899-$2699 Cdn
These are the normal prices from a reputable supplier.

Edit: A little off topic but you won’t have any issues with the Nvidia driver. :wink:

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Steam is still not wanting to start unless I right click and select the page I want to start on (or launch from the command line). In any event, I just did a computer upgrade (to a Ryzen 7 5800x) and am eventually looking to go to AMD graphics as well. Currently running a GTX 1060 so, I suspect even the 6600XT will be a step up.

The update broke the screen brightness keyboard shortcuts on my Lenovo Legion 5 laptop. Brightness on the external monitor is unaffected.

I have an Nvidia GTX 1060 and also an RX590 AMD card which i really like. So I could see myself getting a 6600XT most likely just because i don’t want to pay the prices of anything higher.

Doing a little research myself. I have 600W power supply on my current rig so the 6600XT looks to be the best option. I’m not exactly a “hard core” gamer so, this is starting to look like an optimal “bang for the buck” option.

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If that doesn’t work, open a new thread with more detail.


Thanks for the link, I’ll give it a try. It did work before the update but unfortunately this laptop has been a struggle with Linux in a variety of distros. Lots of paper cut level issues.


The need for “nvidia-fake-powerd” was one of the many reasons I finally abandoned NVidia. Unfortunately I still have a few systems around with NVidia cards so I am still depended on their incompetent drivers but thankfully no for my main system.

In my main system I had a 1080Ti that had nothing but issues. Wayland was a lost cause, I even tried KDE just in case, tons of crashes in that UI. From my experience so far NVidia is treating Linux very badly and I am done with them. I do not care if their drivers are proprietary or not, all I care is if they work as they should, they do not.

I sold my 1080Ti in ebay and bought an AMD 6800XT, installed EOS from scratch with Gnome and Wayland and I fall in love with EOS for a second time. Everything runs like a dream.


I’ve disabled my GeForce 940MX from the BIOS and enjoying Wayland since then.

My laptop does not have an integrated GPU, it has a 1080 though so I had no option. It is the last of my machines that still has Windows (W11) installed on it (and needless to say it is also the last laptop I buy with NVidia hw). I was waiting for the day their drivers may improve so I can remove Windows from it, maybe that day has come.

According to:

It seems that Wayland maybe ok now with this new driver version, so at some point I will attempt an install (of EOS of course) and hope for the best.

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Well, it didn’t work… But for some reason I am now stuck at maximum brightness on the dedicated Nvidia GPU. For hours last night I was stuck on 0% brightness.

Not sure what changed, but at least I can see the screen now.