Nintendo is killing FOSS emulators

Nintendo is killing FOSS emulators with their goddamn insane lawfare…yet again :clown_face:

:fu: Nintendo :fu:

P.S. My ears are still bleeding…


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That seems like an interesting video. Unfortunately, I will never find out how interesting, since it would cause permanent hearing damage.


I’ve added reading link in OP, so your ears would be safe…can’t say about eyes and brains though, coz that’s insane.



$2.4M? GTFO out of here with that. There’s no freakign way they owe Nintendo that much.

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Nintendo thinks everyone owe them that…they’re the ultimate lawfare maniacs!


You gotta be f…


I never seen GitLab DMCA anything…they should have store their code on their domain…inside of Tor onion site or something.
WTF?! :clown_face:

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Wtf? This is insane.

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Indeed…Nintendo is basically a yakuza cartel at this point. :rofl:

There’s ryujinx?

It might not last long, but this is an emulator that seems to have been developing alongside yuzu.

Yeah, but it’s compatibility is very subpar compared to yuzu…
Besides, who cares if Nintendo can take it down too without any reason?

Yea Ryujinx isn’t so great. Yuzu was really the holy grail and worked very well for me. We shall see what happens. Thank goodness the code of Yuzu is public and someone is bound to fork it again.

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Huh. I didn’t knew that. That blows. At least there’s something, though. But as you said, it won’t last long.

Yeah…Until the next time.
I hope they’ll just go full anarchy and launch gitlab instance on some onion domain.

Then Nintendo will DMCA Tor and all Linux distros i guess :rofl:
Maybe whole internet.

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Don’t give them ideas dude :joy:

Oh don’t worry, they had plenty without my input :rofl:


We need to kill all humans, because some of them may :pirate_flag: Nintendo games! :clown_face: :earth_africa:

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This is a question of ignorance, but why TF would they use Gitlab and not GitHub? Would GitHub respond the same to a DMCA?


GitHub is owned by Micro$oft. Of course they would take down stuff. They’ve done it in the past.

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Yes, this it top ignorance on your part…

  1. They’ve used GitHub before, which was stupid
  2. You have to be exceptionally… :clown_face: to do so…because of what @Kresimir told above.

I’m not even sure GitLab actually DMCAed it…it would be first time i’ve heard it.

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Yeah, I’m aware it was purchased by Microsoft, but what’s the benefit of Gitlab? I can’t even look at a repo without signing in, which already makes me hate them.