Network is not detected, neither wifi nor ethernet works

Hi guys,

After an update, when my laptop restarted the network would not work, it does not list wifis nor the ethernet work (had this issue with ethernet before the update),

It seems like my system is broken and I cannot even do a proper restart\shutdown without forcing it as it just hangs and then shows errors of “failed to start” which I have shared in a reply, I have made a post earlier here My installation is broken and been asked to post a network specific topic.

I do not know what to do now than do a reinstall, yet if there is anything I can do so that I get the network working.

If you have any personal data in that machine that you want to keep, it is a good idea to do a backup (or copy it) to an external drive.

Then a reinstall might be the easiest way forward, but of course that depends on several factors.

One thing to be careful about is which software you add to the system. The more software you have, the more potential issues may occur.

And it is recommended to prefer the officially supported Arch software over other software sources simply because the official software is better supported.

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I only install using pacman or snap except lately I have installed an appimage file which could have been the cause of this?..

Snaps and appimages are not officially supported…


Which packages did you update? Check the contents of /var/log/pacman.log or the output of paclog.

Use a chroot to update your system again, and possibly fix any issues that are identified in the meantime.