My installation is broken

Can we see the output of:

inxi -n
pacman -Q | grep -i network

the inxi one does not work.

As for pacmac it returns:
glib-network 1:2.70.1-1
network-manager-applet 1.24.0-1
networkmanager 1.34.0-1
networkmanager-openvpn 1.8.16-1

How about:

nmcli -o

It does work, it does suggest me to run other commands which they work both but they do not return anything

Can you share the full output of the command here so we can see what you are seeing?

Use “nmcli device show” to get complete information about known devices and “nmcli connection show” to get overview on active connection profiles.

Consult nmcli(1) and nmcli-examples(7) manual pages for complete usage details.

I need to see the part where you typed the command too.

It looks like your network devices aren’t being detected.

Yes, so…looks like a reinstall then

Almost definitely fixable.

I would start a new topic about your network issues because the people who are the most knowledgeable about that might not read a topic called “My installation is broken”

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Please do and give me a link, if nothing work I will have to reinstall and get back my setup up and running before the week.

Thank you for your time, I appreciate your effort of helping me.

Just to be clear, I meant that you should open a new topic describing your network issue.


Thank you for the clarification,

One more thing to add that’s not just related to network is that on shutdown it shows this:

Can we see the output of:

systemctl list-units --failed

0 loaded units listed.

If you shutdown again do you still see those errors? Those messages are actually from when you last started, you just see them on shutdown so they may be fixed now.

Yes, I still see them and I cannot restart or shutdown properly without using the power button as the screen keep stuck showing those errors.

What does systemctl status snapd show?