Need your advice regarding this machine for possible purchase

I am reading (and watching ) some good things being said about this machine. What do you think about it? Hardware-wise, linux-compatibility-wise etc.

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As far as I know, Lenovo machines are fully compatible with Linux. That said, I personally have no use for the yoga functions (I loathe touch screens) but that is entirely up to you. I personally would get a T490S for less money for the same power or better. Slightly thicker, touch screen but not foldeable. But again, that’s just me.

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Thanks for the reply!
It looks like that Lenovo has split the Yoga-line into two different series: Slim and Flex, the latter having still the the 2-in-1 and touchscreen functions but not the former.

Thanks for the tip! I will look into this as well.

I don’t know this model but I have Lenovo Yoga X380 as my work computer and so far it runs Linux very well. It even has slightly better battery life compared to windows 10. :slightly_smiling_face:
I was surprised that it supports secure boot for Ubuntu our of the box (not Arch, sorry) - which is important for me because bios is locked from my company (problem with booting live iso on USB stick).
Another problem I see (not sure how widespred it is in different Lenovo PC) is that not all keyboard combinations works. For example some combination of right alt, ctrl and shift key is not registerd on hardware level so linux can’t do anything about it. That’s why my i3 installation has some limitations.

Hardware side, i have only one major complain:

Memory: 16384 MB , DDR4, 1600 MHz, 40-39-45-90, Dual-Channel

This is extremely low frequency for DDR4 and timings are again extremely high.
Very low-class RAM :confused:

Oh and glossy screen too - hate those :upside_down_face:


That should be the case, but certain low-end models (mainly the IdeaPads) can have issues as they use cheaper components (wifi etc.).

That’s a pity! And it is soldered as well so I don’t know if it can be swapped with a better one.

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This is a trap :sweat_smile:
What a crap…Rather good overall hardware will be bottle-necked and can’t even be fixed! :exploding_head:


What a downer!
I fell for the CPU! Didn’t actually look at the RAM :man_facepalming:t3:

You know, i’ve looked only at this article, but by just surfing found a lot of different RAM specs for this laptop (looking much more realistic) - maybe you can configure / choose some sub-model or something?

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That’s good news! I will look around a bit.
But when it comes to your overall impression of this machine, what would you say? Is it a viable choice for a laptop for some time to come.

Excluding RAM (in question) and glossy screen - probably yes…
Even has a good Samsung SSD inside, which is rare out of the box!

But remember, you ask a dude who has DELL Precision 7730 workstation with Core i9 and Quadro P5200 and professional grade 4K screen, which can outperform even most of desktops to come…and costs around $4000 :rofl:

I got pretty over the top standards, you know… :frog:

For sane people - i think you have a pretty good eye for a machine :wink:

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Well, I can see you are not easily impressed :sweat_smile:

Coming from Dell Vostro 5471, I was blown away by that Ryzen CPU.

Oh, thanks! But with Linux getting under my skin, everyday a little more, I am not counting on the sanity to last for much longer. The only constraint would be the size of my wallet.


Thanks @vlkon for sharing your insight! I appreciate it!

see also
for notebook /14 or 15 with ryzen

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The Ryzen 4800U in that machine hits a pretty amazing price/performance metric right now.



Thanks @Stephane,
I will surely have a look at Tuxedo’s too.

Edit: @Stephane, they sure look good as well. Compelling alternatives!

Is the listing for RAM accurate? I have never seen RAM timings that high for DDR4. And stock DDR4 RAM speed is 2133 MHz. And searching for “DDR4, 1600 MHz, 40-39-45-90, Dual-Channel” shows that article in the results. I believe they got the RAM specs wrong.


Yeah i really doubt it’s real, still must-check.
I haven’t seen such timings in…18 years? Well at least for what i’ve aimed for :laughing: