My System or czkawka?

:: PGP keys need importing:
 -> 5DE3E0509C47EA3CF04A42D34AEE18F83AFDEB23, required by: czkawka
:: Import? [Y/n] 
:: Importing keys with gpg...
gpg: WARNING: unsafe permissions on homedir '/home/limo/.gnupg'
gpg: key 4AEE18F83AFDEB23: no user ID
gpg: Total number processed: 1
 -> problem importing keys
[limo@asus ~]$ 

I don’t know if it is my system or the keys with the package? If it is the package, is it possible for an app to get through without proper keys?

Can see the context for that error?

On an unrelated note, you should fix this:

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[limo@asus ~]$ yay
:: Synchronizing package databases...
 endeavouros is up to date
 core is up to date
 extra is up to date
 community is up to date
 multilib is up to date
:: Searching AUR for updates...
:: Searching databases for updates...
 -> Packages not in AUR: haskell-connection  haskell-x509-store  haskell-x509-system  haskell-x509-validation
 -> Flagged Out Of Date AUR Packages: python-coloredlogs
:: 73 packages to upgrade/install.
73  core/python                 3.11.3-1    -> 3.11.3-2
72  extra/attica                5.106.0-1   -> 5.107.0-1
71  extra/baloo                 5.106.0-1   -> 5.107.0-1
70  extra/bluez-qt              5.106.0-1   -> 5.107.0-1
69  extra/breeze-icons          5.106.0-1   -> 5.107.0-1
3  extra/threadweaver          5.106.0-1   -> 5.107.0-1
 2  extra/wolfssl               5.6.0-1     -> 5.6.2-1
 1  aur/czkawka-gui             5.1.0-1     -> 6.0.0-0.2
==> Packages to exclude: (eg: "1 2 3", "1-3", "^4" or repo name)
 -> Excluding packages may cause partial upgrades and break systems
Sync Dependency (69): karchive-5.107.0-1, knotifications-5.107.0-1, kunitconversion-5.107.0-1, kjobwidgets-5.107.0-1, networkmanager-qt-5.107.0-1, purpose-5.107.0-1, kservice-5.107.0-1, kiconthemes-5.107.0-1, wolfssl-5.6.2-1, kcrash-5.107.0-1, kholidays-1:5.107.0-1, kcodecs-5.107.0-1, breeze-icons-5.107.0-1, kguiaddons-5.107.0-1, kauth-5.107.0-1, ktexteditor-5.107.0-1, kquickcharts-5.107.0-1, syntax-highlighting-5.107.0-1, kparts-5.107.0-1, kdeclarative-5.107.0-1, kcontacts-1:5.107.0-1, kxmlgui-5.107.0-1, krunner-5.107.0-1, kdelibs4support-5.107.0-1, kded-5.107.0-1, kemoticons-5.107.0-1, plasma-framework-5.107.0-1, ktextwidgets-5.107.0-1, baloo-5.107.0-1, syndication-5.107.0-1, threadweaver-5.107.0-1, frameworkintegration-5.107.0-1, knotifyconfig-5.107.0-1, kglobalaccel-5.107.0-1, kwindowsystem-5.107.0-1, kwallet-5.107.0-1, kdbusaddons-5.107.0-1, kwayland-5.107.0-1, kcoreaddons-5.107.0-1, python-regex-2023.6.3-1, qqc2-desktop-style-5.107.0-1, kpeople-5.107.0-1, kcmutils-5.107.0-1, kpackage-5.107.0-1, ki18n-5.107.0-1, attica-5.107.0-1, kcompletion-5.107.0-1, prison-5.107.0-1, kbookmarks-5.107.0-1, kdesu-5.107.0-1, fwupd-1.9.2-1, kactivities-stats-5.107.0-1, modemmanager-qt-5.107.0-1, kwidgetsaddons-5.107.0-1, sonnet-5.107.0-1, kpty-5.107.0-1, kio-5.107.0-1, knewstuff-5.107.0-1, kjs-5.107.0-1, kitemviews-5.107.0-1, bluez-qt-5.107.0-1, kconfig-5.107.0-1, kfilemetadata-5.107.0-1, kdnssd-5.107.0-1, kactivities-5.107.0-1, kconfigwidgets-5.107.0-1, kirigami2-5.107.0-1, kitemmodels-5.107.0-1, kidletime-5.107.0-1
Sync Explicit (3): kinit-5.107.0-1, solid-5.107.0-1, python-3.11.3-2
AUR Explicit (1): czkawka-gui-6.0.0-0.2
:: PKGBUILD up to date, skipping download: czkawka
  1 czkawka                          (Build Files Exist)
==> Packages to cleanBuild?
==> [N]one [A]ll [Ab]ort [I]nstalled [No]tInstalled or (1 2 3, 1-3, ^4)
  1 czkawka                          (Build Files Exist)
==> Diffs to show?
==> [N]one [A]ll [Ab]ort [I]nstalled [No]tInstalled or (1 2 3, 1-3, ^4)
==> Making package: czkawka 6.0.0-0.2 (Mon Jun 12 18:03:57 2023)
==> Retrieving sources...
  -> Updating czkawka git repo...
==> Validating source files with sha512sums...
    czkawka ... Skipped
==> Verifying source file signatures with gpg...
    czkawka git repo ... FAILED (unknown public key 4AEE18F83AFDEB23)
==> ERROR: One or more PGP signatures could not be verified!
 -> error downloading sources: /home/limo/.cache/yay/czkawka 
         context: exit status 1 

:: (1/1) Parsing SRCINFO: czkawka
gpg: WARNING: unsafe permissions on homedir '/home/limo/.gnupg'
gpg: error reading key: No public key

:: PGP keys need importing:
 -> 5DE3E0509C47EA3CF04A42D34AEE18F83AFDEB23, required by: czkawka
:: Import? [Y/n] 
:: Importing keys with gpg...
gpg: WARNING: unsafe permissions on homedir '/home/limo/.gnupg'
gpg: key 4AEE18F83AFDEB23: no user ID
gpg: Total number processed: 1
 -> problem importing keys
[limo@asus ~]$ 

I never did anything other than yay, maybe I did yay -Syu once some time ago to be sure everything is up to date.
How can I fix it anyway?

For the AUR package issue, it is up to you to import the keys for the package when that is needed. The package will not install until you do that. Not all packages require that but some do.

That error is caused by having the wrong permissions. It has nothing to do with updating. It is mostly commonly caused by improperly resetting permissions on your home directory.

What does ls -ld /home/limo/.gnupg show?

[limo@asus ~]$ ls -ld /home/limo/.gnupg
drwxrwx—+ 1 limo limo 136 Jun 12 18:03 /home/limo/.gnupg
[limo@asus ~]$
And for sure I did not play with permissions. I never thought of or came across this folder before!

I pressed “Enter” the default is Yes, and tried n as well. I wonder what I am doing wrong!

Out of curiosity I did:

[limo@asus ~]$ ls -ld /home/limo/
drwxrwx---+ 1 limo rslsync 1064 Jun 12 17:26 /home/limo/
[limo@asus ~]$ 

Would it be Resilio Sync the reason? All I did was I deleted all folders synced from http://localhost:8888/gui/

You have to add the key manually. yay tries to do it for you but the state of the key servers means it will often fail.

If you want to trust that key you would use something like:

gpg --recv-keys 5DE3E0509C47EA3CF04A42D34AEE18F83AFDEB23

Try this:

chmod g-rwx /home/limo/.gnupg
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[limo@asus ~]$ gpg --recv-keys 5DE3E0509C47EA3CF04A42D34AEE18F83AFDEB23
gpg: WARNING: unsafe permissions on homedir '/home/limo/.gnupg'
gpg: key 4AEE18F83AFDEB23: no user ID
gpg: Total number processed: 1
[limo@asus ~]$ 


[limo@asus ~]$ chmod g-rwx /home/limo/.gnupg
[limo@asus ~]$ 

But what caused it to change?! I am not even that techie to change it or even think of it!

What is the no user ID?

You’ve had this permission issue since at least September 2021:

WOW! I wonder how could you get this. But Even if this happened before it should not be the case now simply because I got a new laptop in 2022! So, there is a fresh install.

Did you copy or restore your home directory?

Absolutely not. A fresh brand new installation. And that time September 2021 if I still remember correctly I was still distorohopping This maybe the first time I installed EndeavourOS then distrohopped after that. I remember I have settled on EndeavourOS like a year ago.

By the way I do not mind uninstalling czkawaka!

What I am very eager to know is how I needed to do the chmod? Why if I played with nothing. If it was there before as @Stagger_Lee showed me, may I think it is a bug! Or maybe something I installed?

I read the thread @Stagger_Lee got and read it I remember for sure this was when I was distro hopping.
I noticed this there:
Continuing the discussion from Dropbox Installation:

Again may I say there is a bug somehow somewhere. At that time I was just starting to learn how to do things from the command line!

Well, you have definitely played with permissions on your ~ before (this is from September 2022):

Continuing the discussion from Rslsync, I Cannot Add Folders:

So, I’d say the odds of this being a problem that you created vs being a bug are overwhelmingly in favor of it not being a bug.


The post regarding rslsync , yes I remember every time on any machine some "chmod"s should be done for it to work. So, If this messes up with the system I am going to uninstall it. It is on their page on how to set it up sudo%20usermod%20-aG%20rslsync%20user_name sudo%20chmod%20g%2Brw%20synced_folder

So, I will be done with czkawka and rslsync.
But I want to be sure my system is perfect as it should be! How Can I “reverse” the “chmod” I did?

So, I admit and and confess it was me who did it!
I hope I can reverse it! How?

You have already been given the answer in an earlier post. Scroll up to find it.


I am worried about September 2023! :rofl:

You mean this:

If so I should repeat for all folders?
Is there a way to do it recursively in one command?

What about the other commands the said on their site:

sudo usermod -aG user_group rslsync
sudo usermod -aG rslsync user_name
sudo chmod g+rw synced_folder


There is but you shouldn’t do that. It is likely that it what got you into trouble in the first place.


So, I better just uninstall czkawka and rslsync.
Was it it enough that I only did

chmod g-rwx /home/limo/.gnupg

Is this all what I need? Nothing after uninstalling both?
What if I had done chmod to my home directory? Shouldn’t it be reversed?