Rslsync, I Cannot Add Folders


I have already setup resilio-sync on an old laptop (Kubuntu LTS) and already running fine, have it in my iPhone and iPad.

Then installed rslsync on this machine (EndeavourOS) and have the http://localhost:8888/gui/ up and running.

I am trying to add any folders but always getting a message that I do not have permision to write to selected folder.

I followed the steps shown on their website (installing from repository). Tho only thing I changed in the commands was changing where they say “resilio-sync” to be “rslsync”.

I can only see “/home/limo” but not the subfolders.
I checked as well the Arch website and been trying … but…!

I want to share the folders on the other laptop with this laptop. (Both are called /home/limo/ - and the same subfolders “Documents”, “Downloads”…)
Sorry to bother you again.
I will highly appreciate your help.

What user is rslsync running as, and have you set the directory permissions appropriately?

I believe the user as I put in the commands on their web site is me “limo”
And I did

sudo chmod g+rw /home/limo/


sudo chmod g+rw /home/limo/Downloads/

I even tried

sudo chmod -R g+rw /home/limo/

I did the same on the other machine (Kubuntu) and it is working fine.
The only difference that in Arch it is “rslsync” not “resilio-sync”

Just in hope someone might benefit from this as it appears to be a common issue with resilio-sync/rslsync.

Well, it is done (almost) from

I did:

$ sudo setfacl -R -m "u:rslsync:rwx" /home/your-username

I just want to be sure how to add from the other laptop the folders under /home/limo/ to the same folders that have the same name on this laptop.

I will keep you posted in hope it will benefit somebody.


On mobile phone selected a folder (e.g. /home/limo/Downloads) which was showing the name “Downloads”… far most button → share → gives you a code like "A7IxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxCVP

  • on the address http://localhost:8888/gui/ top left add (the Plus sign) → “Enter key or link” → paste the key → Next…

Be sure not to mess your files to select the same folder (Downloads in this case)

I hope this helps someone.

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