MS-office for Ubuntu in April


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Sounds like a very early April fools joke.

I don’t want a wrapper. I want full pledged Office 365 applications/suite from daddy Baller Ballmer.

Apart from people who live in and use something M$ Office-specific, LibreOffice and OnlyOffice is all most need.


I’ll borrow that for a while :smiley:


A web page, wrapped in electron, wrapped in a snap. That sounds…horrible.


Yer no thanks, I literally only have LibreOffice installed for about 1 or 2 things I do about once every 3 to 6 months. It may be useful to a small niche market on Linux but I can’t see it taking off as most people I know switch over to stay away from this sort of product

Is it like an onion :onion: ? so many layers :rofl:


That’s what the official Microsoft Teams client was until they stopped supporting it and the unofficial Teams client still is, it works fine better than having to use webpage for Teams, but for a full office suite no way in hell.