Missing Desktop Effects

I got a couple of issues resolved with EOS, but then I went in to tweak Plasma and noticed Magic Lamp and Wobbly Windows are missing. Now that I’m back in Garuda and going through Desktop Effects it seems others are missing from EOS as well. I did a search for Magic Lamp and Wobbly Winds and got 0 hits. Had to install Another Magic Lamp that didn’t even show up in Desktop Effects after a reboot. Was there a specific reason these were removed? Was it EOS or KDE that removed them with the Plasma 5.19.5 update?

EndeavourOS is an archmlinux distribution. Kde plasma is a desktop environment. They are mutually exclusive.

I love Cinnamon too, but there is just too much in Dolphin and Plasma I like.

I can’t replicate any of the things you are seeing in plasma.

Are re-using an existing /home?

Can you try creating a new user and see if the issues are still present?

Here is my EOS plasma install:

Wobbly windows and Magic Lamp work on all three of my EndeavourOS computers.

I’ll boot back into it in a bit and have another look. As for partitions: the standard efi/boot and a BTRFS / main partition.

Magic Lamp and Wobbly Windows have moved to the “Unsupported Effects” category.

I think that means they’ve been abandoned?

Anyway, there’s a checkbox for “Exclude unsupported effects” available via the settings (is that a funnel?) icon by the Search window for Desktop Effects. Uncheck it and you can find Wobbly Windows and Magic Lamp.




OK cool, I’ll reboot back into EOS and check that out. Thanks

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OK in EOS now, found the setting, unchecked it, enabled the 3 effects that were missing and not one of them is working. Think it’s time to create a thread on the KDE forums and ask them what they did AND remind them one of the biggest reason peeps use Plasma is because of the effects.

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Well, they do say that they’re unsupported now. :man_shrugging:t2: I guess they mean it.


Fix your uid:group first - it could be affecting things :grin:


Did you try creating a new user yet for testing? You are having tons of weird plasma problems that I don’t see in my EOS installs.

Wobbly Windows & Magic lamp work.

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If KDE devs get rid of Wobbly Windows and Magic Lamp on Plasma, I’m… I’m… I’m switching to GNOME! Yeah, that’s right, I’m switching to GNOME out of protest. I don’t care that it’s a hipster DE that runs on soy pumpkin-spice latte. Well, I’ll do, but I’ll suffer to prove a point. :angry:


I wonder if Compiz and KDE get along? :rofl: After all - it’s where all their 'effects" ideas came from…

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Yeah that’s totally unacceptable!
I want my DE effects to be like 90s demo-scene!! :sunglasses:

However personally i’d prefer to switch to TTY instead of Gnome, but that’s just me…:laughing:


Yes, but that’s like saying “personally, I’d prefer a fillet mignon instead of a hunger strike, but that’s just me”…


Strange, itt’s not listed as unsupported for me, and it works fine. What are your settings under Compositor in the System Settings?

OpenGL 3.1.

I think, IIRC, that those 2 effects (Wobblies and Magic Lamp) are not listed as unsupported under XRender, but I could be misremembering.

Also, I think if you were already using those effects, they still show up for you. Again, I may be misremembering. I never used either of those.

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