Minimal ISO

less is more :grinning:
that’s why I’ve tried Archbang ISO (914 MB) with i3wm (really like it)

I prefer always to install the lowest number of packages possible, and to remove what I do not need.
maybe it would be interesting also to have a minimal EndeavourOS ISO

(I hope that it’s ok to write about another distro here :slight_smile: but was just to show an example)


You can accomplish the same end via the installer (calamares) :hugs:


but I’ve counted now the packages installed with Archbang, with a fully functional system (adapted to my needs) are exactly 500

if I’m not wrong, with EOS i3 I had more than 700

I like it. I do not want more packages than I need. I was around 800 on my EndeavourOS with Xfce.

exactly, that’s my point :slight_smile:
anyway 800 with a DE like Xfce is really a good result

Did you use the defaults or did you uncheck everything in calamares first?


Check screenshots section

Pretty impressive :laughing:
104 packages… :crazy_face:


I had used the defaults :slight_smile:

i have made a iso with calamares and its net install only, with openbox & lxpanel gparted and tetris an calamares …

even no welcome :stuck_out_tongue:

but came round 1.23gb stil could remove tetris but that would not have a big change

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a minimal iso withouth calamares can be round 900 a 800 mb put personal avarage calamares should not be that issue this time a year :slight_smile: a small openbox has almost nothing just network installer but at the end you have no offline install option :slight_smile:

exactly :grinning:
archbang without Calamares is around 900 MB

but as long a iso under the 1.8gb stays is probably ok :slight_smile:

there is also iso’s round 5gb :slight_smile:

think the iso’s of endeavouros is ok, you have 2 choises at the end :slight_smile:





but there is a real evolution, .i think Archbang with the openbox settings cli installar was around 700mb , mayby a bit lower … Manjaro iso didnt come over 1.2gb in the past with the forked Thus installer… but now is pretty dificult to go lower with calamares :slight_smile: 1gb is theoretical possible… but its almost naked?

i tries zo fix the compression but that was not possible :stuck_out_tongue:

under 1.8 is ok but for users like me, i use it once, and then gather dust :slight_smile:

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Is that a new OS? Never heard of it before… :wink:


Mr. Green is a friend, one of a group of archdistros we do comminicate develeopment and help each other…

And yes on testing ArchBang and ArcLabs i do think it would be nice to include a CLI installer back to the ISO, to have an option to get exotic setups working.


There are some differences between something like ArchBang // ArchLabs and EndeavourOS.

  • EndeavourOS is a bare minimum of apps installed plus a full set of libs and drivers for Media Filesyetms and language support for almost all languages of the planet per default.
    This is mainly chosen for convenience on not that experienced users, as we do float between to parts of the Arch-Game the pro user want to have a fast easy solution to install the system and the one start tryout Archlinux world coming from one of the full Desktop featured Distros out there

  • Projects like ArchBang or ArchLabs coring to the slickest minimum needed to run the system.
    to show the slick minimum also only one sentence :wink:


I think defaults are good as they are now for average user :+1:

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Just for fun, I used calamares to do a minimal install of i3.

The result was 322 packages.

To be fair, it was very minimal but it was working and included lightdm.


yea you can remove wifi stuff and also NetworkManager could be removed and yes gvfs and gstreamer, thunar and plugins, noto-fonts for asian languages, and other font sets…