Metal Talk

Am I the only Metalhead here? I hope not!

Let’s talk Metal. Tell us about your first album, what got you into Metal? Favourite drummer, favourite singer. Who care let’s just talk Metal!!!


My first album that triggered my obsession with Metal was …and Justice for All. That album blew my mind and sent me down the rabbit hole of Metal and all the goodness it brings.


As you may see by looking at my posts in the listening thread you’re not the only one here!

Almost, but for me it was the Black Album.


Such a great album. I am a Metal purist but I can appreciate the Black album. Load and Reload are great albums too. Personally I really rate St Anger as well. I believe a lot of people hop on the “St Anger” hate wagon without actually listening and digesting it properly.

Metalheads can be so closed minded which is really weird when we are in among one of the most diverse genres of music.

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Of course you’re not alone! :smiling_imp:
Questions, questions…That was so long ago :upside_down_face:

I don’t remember first album really, i think the first one i bought physically and loved to death was Slipknot - Iowa

However i do remember very good what REALLY got me into metal, it was heavy raining night and i was tuning in randomly to some radio…Where i’ve heard something very fresh and insane on one of broadcasts, which i still have recorded on cassete:

Brujeria - Vayan sin miedo

Slipknot - Surfacing

Fear factory - Edgecrusher

Madball - Hold it down

Corrupted - Empty

Iron monkey - Bad year

Sepultura - Roots bloody roots

I loooooooooooooved it, headbanged from start to end!
It was one of those rare moments of life: “Whatever the f**k it is - i want THAT!”, as you can see it’s not “classic” or “old-school” by no means, but an absolute blast mix of alternative, extreme, groove, hardcore metal…

Visceral reaction, thought provocation and punch in the face - is exactly what i needed from music at the moment and since then…I mean ffs they all sound exactly like world around - f***king CRAAAZY!

I need more gain, more speed, weirdest groove i need weird time-signatures, 3 drummers, 3 basists, masks…Whatever, BRING IT! :japanese_ogre:

Surely i’ve heard some metal somewhere before but my reaction for the most part was “alright, they can play”, but doesn’t touch me to the core really before…

Since then i’ve rabbit-holed into extremes of metal :metal:

Sorry i can’t choose between Joey Jordison and Dave Lombardo, very different styles and groove, but i believe you just can’t get around both :upside_down_face:

Since i like the factor of diversity for voice: Corey Taylor (early)
But if we count extreme: Jonny Davy (also early)

Yeah to me that was really weird as well, purist or not - that album is good, but the St. Anger song to me is genius for the sound, and yes including the “can snare” :metal:

It just sounds very different…

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I grew up with Metal. Listened to it my whole life. Started with Accept, Grave Digger, Helloween and so on in the 80’s.

Today I can listen to most things. If it’s good, it does not matter what kind of music it is. I have a hard time with Hiphop, Rap and similar music. I can 't listen to that at all!


That’s because it isn’t music! :duck:

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I like the music of J.S.Bach, which ought to count as 18th century metal. :metal:t3:

Literally, this pipe organ has over a ton of heavy metals in it (mostly lead in the pipes).


Also, Wagner should count as 19th century metal:


Definitely metal OG! :metal:

If he’d had distortion back then heads would have been chopped off!

Well they have been without distortion as well i guess :exploding_head:


Baroque’n’roll :metal:t3:


Wagner is also pretty brutal, in original, but also in covers:

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i am not metal head :slight_smile:

more a Zink head :slight_smile: but i like covers…

edit :slight_smile:

I don’t have real favourites (one exception, see below), but I like some kind of uniqueness. You listen to something and you instantly know “Oh yes, it is her or him”. Or some kind of trademark sound. Primordial e.g. may not be easy listening, but they have this kind of uniqueness.

The one exception is a combination of great bassist and singer: Of course Lemmy.

What a beast of metal! :metal: :metal:

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Awesome thread!

Metal has been with me fron the beginning, and will follow me to the grave.

Got influenced from an early age in the very late seventies/early eighties by older relatives who were into stuff like Rainbow, Sabbath, Judas Priest etc.

First metal albums I copied on cassette was stuff like Master of Puppets, Reign in Blood and so on, it was thrash all the way.

But it didn’t take long before more extreme forms of metal took hold on me, and there is where my heart is!

Bona fide CLASSIC, doesn’t get much better!


Still one of my absolute favorite albums, what a :boom:

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Killers is probably the metal album I’ve played the most times through my life, though in pure mass black metal as a whole takes first place.

Oh, and anything Metallica after Justice is of course at best ‘‘girl metal’’, haha :open_mouth:

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Though I lived in Bergen, capital black metal city, in BM’s formative years in the early nineties, my all-time favourite BM album is a more modern one. Mayhem - Ordo ad Chao.

It is a piece of goddamn contemporary art. Taking ‘‘necro’’ to another level, the musical structures themselves are in a state of decay. Beyond the classic BM bands, Deathspell Omega is an absolute favourite,

Don’t really have ‘‘favourite’’ musicians, but Hellhammer here comes close as a drummer, if I had to choose one. Along with Meshuggah’s Thomas Haake.

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Yep. He is really good!


Yeah, he’s got decent potential, with a little bit more practice he’ll be among the best.