Manjaro and Endeavour side by side

Team, not sure you noticed already, but the new NetInstaller is a great tool to test out different DEs in a VM. No need to fiddle around with ISOs, just leave the disk in and decide what you want to boot, existing OS or ISO.
Anyway, I have been playing around with it and as a Plasma user I am blown away by how beautiful the Deepin DE is. Beauty which will surely raise Linux acceptance levels with my better half.

So here I am considering migrating my wife’s machine from Manjaro KDE to Endeavour Deepin.
First of all, anyone got experience as to the stability and quality of Deepin on Endeavour? I read mixed responses regarding Deepin stability over at the Manjaro forum.

This laptop is running btrfs, which should make transitioning over fairly easy. I guess I could even switch back and forth between Manjaro and Endeavour with the help of btrfs snapshots (two sets of @ and @home) but I think I remember that Manjaro is using non standard Grub which may defeat my plan?

Anyone got any thoughts?

hello, if it is not a penguin, the deepin works very well

What do you mean? :thinking:

hello, it’s a little humor

I think i get it now… :grin: Anyhow i think Deepin is WAY better on Arch than the distro version from Deepin on Debian because of the software store in it. I have installed it a few times comparing.


Ok, that’s good to know. It’s not much I will need in terms of apps:

  • Browser: Firefox
  • Email: Thunderbird
  • Image viewer: Native
  • File manager: Native
  • PDF reader: there doesn’t seem to be a native one.

The deepin terminal is nice. You can use either the dock setup or change it to a normal start menu with apps. It’s actually very good on Arch. I use yay and install mostly everything in a couple of minutes.

Spotify-dev Only because the normal version isn’t installing due to licence or not updated.
LibreOffice Fresh
EOG Gnome (Eye Of the Gnome Viewer) Because it’s the only one that works right giving full screen and slideshow properly.
Xreader or Evince pdf reader
Flash … use pamac to install (Adobe Flash & PepperFlash) Why because there are sites that still require it to work properly!

These are my normal installs but there are many more to choose. I also use a couple of extensions in firefox and set DRM on i preferences or options in Firefox.

Depends on what you are doing what software you want. These are my choices.

Edit: some apps are already installed!

Hi @TomZ

A good source for this information is going to be @ant and @keybreak over at manjaro forums. @ant still checks PM’s but doesn’t post there anymore. @keybreak is still around. They both worked very hard with the deepin arch devs on improving arch deepin. We all used it pretty extensively on manjaro until they pulled the plug. I am very tempted to install endeavors version myself.


Know what let me see how late i get in tonight and I will install it. I have off tomorrow to work with it. I’ll get back to you as soon as possible. I do miss deepin.


A French humor ! :wink:

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I used DEEPIN for years, they master UI design as well based on the OSX model…
but the Linux Kernel right now is still 4.15.0 which will not be anymore a problem with EndeavourOS Deepin DE. I could notice that DEEPIN didn’t make any update from july 2019 which never happened before…The officially launch of DEEPIN V20 version will be January 2020. Maybe some new update with their DE !


Indeed, the kernel in my VM is 5.4.6, as one would expect. But with the January Deepin release looming I may hold fire until this lands and stabilizes…

Buys me time to look into the parallel installation details. Or maybe I simply install Endeavour Deepin and see how it goes. If we run into problems I install Manjaro again and restore from a snapshot.

depend what kinda update i think if you have desktop as deepin and you see a lot gcc & qt5 changes you just might wait 3 more deys make a text-shot of the versions do 3 days later again and compare…

but actually never tried deepin realy, i tested it once before they used the qt5-toolkit , they where from GTK to HTML5; but that project didnt stay long :slight_smile: is just general personal opinion such desktop as budgie cinnamon and deepin you dont need to be hasty on updating in :slight_smile: i knew last time from gnome x to gnome x in solus did fine also with budgie , while on arch was different… but that is with every shiny desktop, i think … since gnome & plasma also more get tested by the more hardcore users of those you create more feedback…and hardware is also different :slight_smile: im more for a traditional, i can used to deepin,because is more close to my phone, but i like lighter desktops. in my feeling gnome or plasma , is not slow… but desktop as lxqt or xfce just my personal taste of responsive ness :slight_smile:

DDE looks like a well designed desktop, but has anyone read the second sentence about it on the Arch wiki?

There are known security vulnerabilites in DDE, reported by developers of the OpenSuse distribution to the DDE developers.

I don’t know if this plays a role in the real world, but there might be users who have concerns about that?

These issues seem to be a few month old and no response from DDE-team?


About V20 DEEPIN is based on the DEBIAN Stable which means the most recent Debian 10 buster with kernel 4.19.37. So this is what you will get with V20.
Or maybe DEEPIN decided to changed their mother ! Until version 15 in 2015 it was based on Ubuntu after they moved on Debian stable…

personal does not take away more webkit solutions gona enter te desktop these days , and gnome software as example you dont need root to install something. not that everyone uses it :slight_smile: practical every desktop has bugs some are open and somes are hiding but mayby is the due of dde team with less spoken english ? i dont know :wink:

I’m using Deepin DE on my old Antergos install - I commented out the Antergos repo and everything is still updating nicely from the Arch repo, although I still have the Antergos theming (haven’t bothered to take it out). Still works wonderfully. I prefer MATE DE due to its lower resource requirements but Deepin is my second choice of DE. Even though designed for the full Deepin distro, I concur that the Deepin DE works very well on Arch based systems. Also, I think it is a little easier for Linux nubes due to the nice set of helper applications that are very integrated - sometimes the helper apps for other DE’s are a little fragmented.


its also the convience that the desktop makers want to setup the work flow close to the daily phone. its not something for hardcore hobbyst but the work flow of users that comes from somewhere else or start with it and the work flow of the phone is normal…

I need to sleep soon but I will post more tomorrow :wink:

So far the better half is not going to make you sleep on the couch any time soon… :rofl:


I’m one of the users who use both Manjaro and EndeavourOs. I even run Debian Sid on one of my machines. I can tell you that EOS really does play nicely in the field of Linux-based distributions.

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