Lutris: Getting horrible crackling sound in Fallout 3

I just installed the game using Lutris’s installation script (so no changes on my own).

However when the game menu pops up, I get this horrible crackling sound, like the sound is being interrupted. In some parts of the game I get normal sound, and in others I get the same crackling issue.

How can I fix this?

In the Gaming Guide, it tells us to use alsoft-config and set it to something higher than default, I did that with no noticeable change

I also added the environmental variable: ```

But that hasn’t resolved the issue either.

If anyone has any clue, I’d appreciate it.

SOLVED?: Not the most ideal solution but installing the game without the script has resolved the crackling issue.

Which install script on Lutris did you use? I normally don’t use a lot of their installers these days and will normally just install the exe directly and if it doesn’t work after that go through the install scripts to try figure out what might be going wrong. I have Fallout 3 but only on steam unfortunately but have New Vegas installed in Lutris with no noticeable issues.

I used the first one (the gog one) listed here. ONe of hte reasons of why I want to use the script because it says: it includes fixes. Fixes are beyond my ability so I want to avoid doing them manually.

A lot of the fixes in fallout 3/new vegas come through mods and even a few of these don’t need to be used anymore. I would just try and install it directly with the exe and see how it runs. When I installed New Vegas I had no issues til I started some of the DLC.

Try reverting suggestion from gaming guide, and then:
Configure → System Options → :white_check_mark: Reduce Pulseaudio latency

Unfortunately that was the first thing I tried, but with no luck.

I also tried under Runner Options → Audio Driver to force it to Pulse Audio, and then also set that reduce latency tag.

Unfortunately with no success.

Then I tried following the Gaming Guide, but again with no success.

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Try running it with latest wine-ge, they might have some patches for that i think:

So unfortunately, because this is a new install of Endeavour OS, I have that version of wine running by default (I don’t know if it was installed alongside Lutris of it he installation script installed it: but wine-ge-8-25)

All tests with reducing latency and winedlloverrides were done on this version

There is a newer version wine-ge-lol-8-27. I tried it again: first with just wine. Then with reduced latency, then finally with winedlloverides and alsoft-config (set to max).

Unfortunately the crackling is still there

Don’t use it, it’s strictly for League of legends (lol)

Then unfortunately I’m back to 8-25, where the issue still persists.

Thanks for the heads up though, I looked it up quickly (didn’t want to bother people asking what’s lol, and I saw the game name but I didn’t read that it can negatively affect other titles). Anyhoo, back to 8-25, but audio issue is still there sadly

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Let’s see what kind of system / audio hardware you’re running, give us your:

inxi -Faz

Where do you get the game?

If you bought it from GOG, you can use Heroic Launcher and use Steam configuration instead of relying to Lutris esoteric implementation.

Here’s the output:

I got it from GOG.

You may be right about trying something different but I’ve only used and donated to Lutris for so long that I’m weirdly invested in it in more ways than one.

It was one of the appeals of Lutris in the pre-Proton era: just a “one-click” windows install. I would like to see if the situation could be resolved before going to heroic or bottles or something else.

Surely there’s no point in any of this.
However, personally i always suggest to manually install stuff, instead of using Lutris scripts…you may try it.

Just create wineprefix, install game into it, add Lutris entry manually and see if it launches nicely. Usually it should

Coz whatever that is:

It looks way overkill.

Sigh, looks like i have to abandon the script. I’m just wary because it says it includes “fixes.” Whatever those fixes are seem important.

Is there then any difference to using bottles or Heroic vs directly installing the game through Lutris?

Not really, except you don’t depend on anyone or anything.
Well, if something is really missing in terms of winetricks dependencies (it doesn’t launch or crashes) or some mods - you can inspect this script and include it later, but foundation is important.

Problem with Lutris scripts and why i always suggest to avoid them - is they’re sometimes very outdated, opinionated or BLOATed…Usually it’s best to keep things as minimal as possible.

Lutris is great as a launcher however, best.

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I just had a bit of a closer look at that script and it includes things that really don’t need to be there like the laapatcher, the GOG version is already prepatched.

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And just to be clear - there’s no guarantee it will solve your crackling problem, most likely it won’t…but at least you’ll be sure to exclude that out of equation and will know that you have installed game as cleanly as possible.

Yeah it’s a mess, it even includes setting a wallpaper for emulated wine desktop :exploding_head:

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Yer I saw that, it seems more like it was made for personal use than to be shared around