Lutris: Getting horrible crackling sound in Fallout 3

So first of all you don’t understand! That momentary blue desktop was an affront to the senses. It needs to be patched out.

Second…so bottles works. The game launches just fine and the title screen at least doesn’t have any crackling.

Don’t know what was going on in that script. I am going to miss the lack of a blue desktop though (I don’t see it in Bottles, but the knowledge that it could be lurking out there is terrifying).

I do have an interesting data point: I installed via Lutris normally (it seems like a straightforward process), however there I don’t have background music at the title screen (and makes me worry that there are going to be future sound issues). Whereas, at least at the title screen, I can hear the music just fine in Bottles.

For fun I’m going to try out Heroic and see what happens…well that’s disappointing. There’s something going on with Lutris and Heroic where I get no title screen music.

Never used bottles but I think the principles behind bottles is similar to Lutris.

Heroic is more like Steam, my main motivation is simply because Heroic can use Steam’s Proton, so I don’t have to download different version of wine.

By using proton you also could potentially benefited from protondb, and in a glance I already saw somebody with the same problem with you (crackling audio).

Good luck.

All of them can use any wine / proton directly, including Lutris.

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I didn’t know that because Lutris’ esoteric UI implementation. Plenty of stuff simplified by Heroic and translated for regular human to use.

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To me all of them suck outside one thing only - that is launching and managing games, Lutris is best for that i’d say because of some specific advanced options…

That being said, when it comes to stuff like installing games or managing your wine versions - it’s best to do it yourself.

I stopped using Lutris when Baldur’s Gate 2 complete edition gone completely and replaced by “Enhanced Editions” lol.

Flaws of Community supported script. When said community dead, progress stopped.

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