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To be honest, I was originally planning to give you a simple update concerning the next release and nothing more. But being so close towards the end of the year and at the time of writing this post, December 15th, being my slightly boring birthday, I simply was in the mood to reach out to you.

A year of growth and expansion

Without getting into the doom and gloom in our lives, 2020 has been, in every aspect, a very turbulent year for EndeavourOS also. This year was the year, we’ve established to land our base firmly on solid ground and found that right and comfortable corner for us in the Linux community. During our journey reaching that corner, we had the privilege to meet and welcome a lot of new faces in our community this year. Since EndeavourOS is community-focused, this growth brought us also a lot more knowledge and helping hands on our forum and Telegram group.

Not only did our community grow this year, but the core team has welcomed also new members enriching the knowledge and manpower in the heart of the project.

Fernando Omiechuk Frozie

When EndeavourOS was created, founding member Fernando Omiechuk Frozie, played a vital role in creating the distro. He performed a very large chunk of the groundwork that became the base of EndeavourOS. Without his effortless work, this project wouldn’t even have come off the ground in the first place.

Fernando has received a fantastic job opportunity in his field of work and we are very pleased for him being able to adventure this new and exciting chapter in his life.

Although this news is not a definitive goodbye to Fernando, as you might understand, he decided to be in the backseat of the project as he needs most of his time for his new job.

We can’t express our gratitude for all the work you’ve done for us @fernandomaroto giving EndeavourOS our fantastic start and we are confident you will shine in your new adventure as you did for us.

Next release

Due to Fernando’s news, we had to shift our team tasks, which brings a lot of learning and with that comes trial and error but we’re getting there.

The shifting of the team tasks in combination with some major upstream changes has been the main reason for the delay for our next release. Also, with the next Linux kernel around the corner, we’ve decided to wait for that one also, so we will not have a release this year.

However, I can reveal that our next release will be one to look out for, that is the least we could do for you after such a long wait.

As I said earlier in another post, we cannot give you a definitive date, it will be out there when it is finished.

Love, Love, Love…

Looking at EndeavourOS, 2020 wasn’t a bad year at all, despite the worldwide circumstances. In fact, it was a very significant year with a growing community, the project standing on its own feet thanks to our fantastic financial backers, an ARM branch and last but not least, a very loving and helpful community.

We thank you for this love, help and effort you have shown us in this difficult year. from the entire team, we wish you and your loved ones in your journey towards the end of 2020 and the start of 2021 an amazing outburst of love, luck, health and positivity…


Happy birthday Bryan! :partying_face:

Keep up the good work and Endeavour spirit! :rocket: :enos_flag:


Happy birthday!
Thanks for all the great work!




Right back at you and the entire team! You guys are doing great stuff, keep it up and thank you.

PS - Happy Birthday!


Thanks for this fantastic OS and - happy B-day!


Happy Birthday, Bryan! :birthday: :clinking_glasses:


Happy Birthday Bryan! :partying_face:


joyeux anniversaire bryan :partying_face:


yea yea a may calm but happy and relaxing birthday for you, hopeful with some good food and a decent drink (or some more) :shallow_pan_of_food: :birthday: :champagne:


¤ø„¸¨°º¤ø„¸ ¸„ø¤º°¨¸„ø¤º°¨

¨°º¤ø„¸ HaPpY ¸„ø¤º°¨


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Thanks Bryan!


Dear Bryan,

I wish you a very Happy Birthday and a Wonderful Holiday Season as well as a New Year which is much better than this past one has been.

I’ll really miss Fernandomaroto as he really helped me on a couple of occasions (including explaining to me, in a simple fashion which I could understand) how to make a copy of everything installed on my computer so I could easily transfer all of the programs to another computer (which I have done) as well as restoring all of my programs on my own computer (which I just had to do). I too wish Fernando the very best (and, frankly, I hope that he will be able to find some time to maintain his presence here, at least to some extent).

EndeavourOS is by far the finest GNU/Linux operating system that I have ever used (and I’ve tried over twenty of them) - and this forum is REALLY BY FAR the best one of which I have been a member.



Congratulations all the way from Sweden @Bryanpwo!

Hope you have a nice day!

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Happy Birthday, @Bryanpwo

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Great news and hbd!

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Gobble gobble!

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Happy birthday!!! Thanks for the great work!!!

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Gefeliciteerd kerel! :beers:

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Happy Birthday Bryan. I hope 2021 will be better for you and your family.


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Birthday greetings from the antipodes @Bryanpwo!

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Hässlichen Glühstrumpf. ::

Nein, nur Spaß. ::

Herzlichen Glückwunsch, Glück, und vor allem Gesundheit. ::