Linux 5.9 kernel released

I don’t have time to create an article, but the 5.9 kernel is officially released and will hit the stable repo soon.


IBM’s initial work on POWER10 CPU bring-up

Oh wow! :exploding_head:


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Very interesting!

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For the AMD Graphics users.

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Does anyone know if the below has been addressed yet?

It seems to have been addressed:


It’s a work in progress. At the moment he is pursuing another attempt at a new hybrid model for the page locking. It looks like as @anon3337769 has posted working.


5.9 up and running here, with BMQ scheduler and futex_wait_multiple.
No issues so far, performance on the same level as 5.8.

EDIT: slightly slower boot time, but I’m not yet sure whether it’s a kernel issue or something else like recent updates.


COOL, and thanks for the info, much appreciated.

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AMD GPU users should be aware overclocking via sysfs seems to be broken for at least a few GPU models on 5.9

I’m not sureif the revert of the offending commit will be in point release or not

Edit:revert should be in point release

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Is there a specific holdup in testing for 5.9?

I assume we won’t be getting 5.8.15 in the interim?

Arch never releases the first version of a major new release - they will wait for 5.9.1.
5.9(.0) is in testing.


As @anon31687413 said.

It works fine if you “cherry-pick” it from testing though, it doesn’t depend on any other packages in [testing]. I’m running linux-zen that way on three systems (including ZFS and Virtualbox DKMS modules) without issue.

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I’m slightly concerned about this AUR package:

5.9 breaks it, as expected, but the comments suggest that the maintainer is absent.

Also, this package seems to be orphaned:

Btw, I really hate Nvidia, if I haven’t shared that with you already…


I think the problems are due to a change in which GPL symbols are made available.
Here’s an article in German:
(sorry too lazy to look for an English article :slight_smile: )

EDIT: nvidia, do like AMD and go full GPL. Your closed drivers have been very good IMO. It won’t hurt you.

TKG may have updated things in their package but idk for that driver

5.9.1 just arrived. Time to hit pacman/yay :slight_smile:


kicks mirror - KICKS MIRROR HARDER


Installed, rebooted, verified, and all looking good.