Liking with emojis is enabled on the forum

The reaction is the like button, the like button has extended the way you can like the post.

So can I assume that the icon on right side is only visible to the person who is reacting/liking, and the one who is receiving them can only see them accumulated on the left ?

Yes that’s how it works, that’s not as naturally fluid user experience as previous plugin where 2 things of likes and emojies are clearly separated :upside_down_face:

And also the fact that, we can only show one feeling per post, despite experiencing other feelings in mind !

What i wonder is how multiple likes look, do likes on it’s own work their role at all in such configuration now…

To test, can somebody do at least 2 classical likes by just pressing like button on this post, and then someone 3rd add some emoji?

Yes, this what I was trying to explain to @Bryanpwo !!

Edit :


refer to this post :

As this is the only post in topic where 3 participants tried the new plugin.

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How this post looks from your end ?

From mine side, it looks like :

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@keybreak @SearingSunrazeSmash Take a look at the OP.

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Oh yes…well it’s weird behaviour.
So, in a classical sense you actually still received 2 likes, correct?

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2 Likes and other are reactions only ?

The previous emoji reaction was a separate plugin, the current one is an expansion of the like button. So, the like button has turned into a reaction button, so to say.


@keybreak ,

I had liked this post created by @Bryanpwo .

Now you react and like this same post, and see the interesting animation by which the blank heart is replaced the emoji you chose !!!

:stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

@Bryanpwo , this animation sends a vibe which encourages to react more !

( By this I mean that this feels kid friendly )


More than 1 classical like:

More than 1 classical like + emoji:

I double on this.

I wonder how it works on mobile, when the list gets bigger.
For now it looks a little weird (thick icon padding) and fills half of the screen, or more.

I would ask my :crystal_ball: if I could find it :person_shrugging: .

@Bryanpwo we need a :soccer: for the sports talk :trophy:

Excellent! The old one was a bit better, but this is the second best thing after it. Thanks Bryan!

I see we have the most important one… :frog:

Also :brain: is useful for clever ideas (unironically or ironically).

:point_up_2:, :pinching_hand: and :pinched_fingers: are also useful sometimes.

:eggplant: has a special meaning too, for NSFW posts :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

Also, :popcorn: is quite important. Also :lying_face:


Good point!

:pizza: :pinched_fingers:

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Can we have the slice of cake



And METAL!!!

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Also, we have two