Liking with emojis is enabled on the forum

As an update to this thread, reacting with emojis has returned but not in the fashion you were used to.
From now on, hitting the like button will provide you with a small emoji pop-up menu to choose which emoji you’d like to react to a post.
Oppose to the previous plugin, Retort, this feature is an official Discourse plugin so it will be natively supported with each Discourse update.

At the moment, I made a small selection of the most used emojis, you can let me know if you want one added.


That’s…Very weird :clown_face:
I wish we could have the old picker…but it’s better than nothing i guess.

:clown_face: :earth_africa: :fire:

Obviously those 2 :laughing: :
:frog: :turkey:

This is quite different experience, and seems unique…

…look to your OP, and you will find out that I just liked your post, but it also accepted a random emoji out of my choice !


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How could I forget the frog and the turkey, shame on me…

But @Bryanpwo ,

What do you think of this :


It looks like a circuit connection, press the blank heart on right to glow up the red bulbs hearts on left !

Oh…Yeah that’s not good :sweat_smile:

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You see, it selected laughing emoji on its own, despite the fact that, recently used emoji is :


Yes, that’s unacceptable mistake to make here on our forum! :laughing:

P.S. You’ve also forgot to :partying_face: - very important!

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That’s the way the plugin is designed, it is part of the like button.

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Is that a curated list in the sense of keeping emotions calm through restricted no. of emoticons?

I’m missing frowning_face, facepalm, and broccoli, e.g. :rofl:

But thanks anyway, @Bryanpwo ! :heart:


Also i’ve noticed that plugin works as radio button, meaning you can’t do 2+ emojies, like you can’t do :clown_face: :earth_africa:…which is a shame, coz we live in it!


I think that is the original intent, we have to pick the emojis ourselves, one at a time.

We can even change the appearance of like icon :


It indicates what your reaction was to that post.

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But it seems to me like a different sort of fun :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

So if there will be multiple instances of liking and reacting, then will there be duplicates in similar fashion, on both sides ?

New badge ?


I am thinking what might be the description for this badge, it there exists silver tier and gold tier of it…

Edit :

Same description for “First Like” badge as well, with very minor modification:


I don’t understand what you mean by that, but the right emoji is your reaction and the left ones are all the reactions by you and others to that post.

Before that post, you explained me that :

So if multiple people like and react to the same post, then will those emojis will racked up on both sides ?


Here, I reacted and liked, but others only liked, because of which 2 hearts were racked on the left side.
So consider if those 2 people have liked and reacted with emojis other than what I had used, so will there would have been 3-3 emojis on both sides ?

No, the one on the right is your reaction and it will always show one emoji, the ones on the left display a maximum of three emojis with a number of people who reacted. If you click on that number you will see who reacted with which emoji.

It also seems that if 2 people had already reacted/liked to the same post, then the next person can either react or like only, and can’t do the both.