Latest Nvidia Cards do not boot Installer LiveISO

The issue is known for a longer time and we were thinking it would get solved soon … It is there for a year or so already and will be fixed in nvidia 530:

The issue is mentioned in the archwiki too:

nvidia may not boot on Linux 5.18 (or later) on systems with Intel CPUs (likely only of 11th Gen and onward) due to FS#74886/FS#74891. Until this is fixed, a workaround is disabling the Indirect Branch Tracking CPU security feature by setting the ibt=off kernel parameter from the boot loader. This security feature is responsible for mitigating a class of exploit techniques, but is deemed safe as a temporary stopgap solution.

That says some system using intel 11th gen and later CPU and newer Nvidia GPUs will be affected.

We decided to not include this option per default to not disable security features too, in addition to the thinking that such an issue would get solved faster…

If you have the issue to not be able to boot you can work around by adding this kernel parameter when booting ISO with the Nvidia boot option:

On boot menu go down to Nvidia Boot entry and press e to edit boot parameter line:

Press end to reach the end of the line:

Hit space to spertate the added parameter from the one is there already and enter ibt=off parameter to be able to boot:

Hit enter and boot the ISO with this added parameter.





Issues can happen everywhere, not just at Nvidia. E.g. at grub, kernel or every other package. No reason to condemn Nvidia in this case.

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It’s a meme -

Also, Nvidia hardware has always been more challenging to get working with Linux, and this continues with Wayland.

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Fun allowed or not ?
its caused by an upstream issue with the Nvidia driver so… okay to make some joke with it.

Other GPUs can be challing too.
And Nvidia start open up a bit already… with nvidia-open arch was able to solve this exact issue without the need to wait for Nvidia Development to create a new driver and release it…
But nvidia-open is only working on very latest cards…

Try it:


Yes fun is allways great. Maybe my reaction was a bit to hard :-). It shouldn’t sound like it does. Sorry for that.


Had to do this on my work laptop a couple months ago after much googling to figure out what was going on. Thanks for the post, this certainly save people some time. Glad it’s being addressed by NVIDIA.

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Or don’t. IIRC Nvidia-open has some issues that closed one doesn’t have.

so because it has also issues you should not try it :wink:

That’s what I know but the situation might have changed lately.

you have any link or detail? i mean… i was taking the time to create this ISO to try out and possible to rebuild it if there is an issue with it…

My knowledge may be outof date but this is what I know:

  • NVENC is not working
  • Card cannot go to low power states in PRIME setups
  • Supports only Nvidia GTX 16xx and newer

Why not just add the ibt=off option to ISO and show a warning at boot if Nvidia + Intel Gen11+ is detected?

Hmm i do already mention the reason in the initial post.

  1. Will need to implement a detection in the first place to not add a security risky paramter per default on all installs,
  2. second it needs a way to inform user about doing this in the install process needs extra work and
  3. third… it is already solved in the next update for the Nvidia packages.
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which just landed.

Added compatibility for Linux kernels with Indirect Branch Tracking (IBT).

HP DV8125NR Pavillion 2005 laptop with AMD 64 ML32 processor encountered similar issue with all Linux OS(Arcolinux,EndeavourOS) except for Lubuntu and Windows.
Hackers (Probably HP,Microsoft insiders) have been able to restrict DVD drive for Windows XP,7 and Lubuntu.
Since Lubuntu became heavy, opted for archlinux variants.
Though EndeavorOS is considered to be lighter than Lubuntu for 2GB RAM, DVD was programmed in such a way to halt OS from booting.
I am not expert in system programming,but assume some changes have been made to south bridge IO,either through Bios or infrared.This laptop comes with an infrared remote thus motherboard listens to any infrared communication from outer space.
Hackers have been able to remotely power-on laptop from power-off mode.
Hackers controlled laptop by enabling/disabling even Windows7 boot at their will.
It might happen in future as well. Need to find work around for hardware/manufacturer system programming controls.

You know you can boot from USB, right?

ISO including Nvidia 530 Versions


i’m not sure if it’s related in any way, but i was getting some weird video artifacts at the top screen while watching videos, sort of flicker every maybe 10mins or so, i tried downgrading the kernel and seems to have helped.