Kernelbug / panic with 5.9.11

today I just realized that during shutdown the console is throwing a kernel panic. This is at the very end of the shutdown process and it scrolls on the screen pretty fast. There is no trace of it in the journal therefore I can not tell when that issue occurred for the first time. It does not happen with LTS kernel 5.4.

I captured a video of the shutdown screen and extracted two screenshots from it:

Picture 1:

Picture 2:

Any idea what is causing this?

Yep :upside_down_face:

Hey @mbod,

there is a new thread opened with the same problem as it seems: Kernel 5.9 - kernel panic on shutdown have a look there, maybe your and their thread can be merged?

Yes, that looks very familiar.

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It’s 5.9.11-arch1-1 - you should use 5.9.11-arch2-1. :wink: No problems here.

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I can confirm that the new arch2 package from arch testing solves the issue!
@axt: Thanks for pointing me there.