Kernel 5.9 - kernel panic on shutdown

Anyone else experiencing kernel panic on shutdown?

The problem was introduced with this commit, and has been reported on LKML.

A fix is now available and you can find it here.
Should appear in stable and 5.10 soon.



I haven’t run into the panic, but it looks like this bug was rolled out widely. The fix applies cleanly to 5.10-r5, 5.9.11 and 5.4.80. Thanks for the heads up. This is why I like to keep a recent EOL kernel installed for these rare maintenance regressions.


From what I understand this only happens in a certain configuration related to SLUB, but don’t ask for more details because I have no clue :slight_smile:


Do you also run a lts kernel? I was reading about it in the forum since I’m coming from a debian based distro and have only been few weeks on arch-based rolling distro. Is it recommended to have at least a lts fallback?

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It is always a good practice to keep a back up kernel installed. I almost always have linux-zen, linux, and linux-lts installed.


No issue here with Ryzen 3800X on x570 motherboard.
There is SLUB SLOB & SLAB related to memory …

Edit: More info

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Honestly I don’t understand much about it.
Except that SLUB seems to be pretty much the default for desktops.

Do you know perhaps what “SLUB configured to self destruct” means?

Well doesn’t matter in the end, reported and fixed, that’s good :slight_smile:


Patch might be included in 5.9.11-2 or 5.9.12-1, depending.

(There’s a patched linux-zen 5.9.11-1.0 in my repo.)


Thanks, I don’t usually follow Arch forums.

(my 5.9 and 5.10 are patched too :wink: )

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I’ve decided to try and help Arch testing “officially”, so … :grin:


Good place for you :sweat_smile:

UEFI implementation is all over the map IMHO so it doesn’t surprise me that some systems would have issues related to this. But what do i know? Not much! :laughing:

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I was, but the update seems to have fixed it (lqx).

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Yup, damentz kicked off a build after I mentioned the issue - and just before he goes away on holiday, too. :grin:

How to have a kernel backup?
How to activate a kernel backup?
Is EndeavourOS have kernel management tool like Manjaro?

You could launch akm from the application menu and install one or a couple of spare kernels.

If it is not installed:
sudo pacman -Syu akm

Afterwards from the Grub boot menu, you will be able to choose which kernel to boot.

I will once 5.10 is released! My laptop won’t run well with anything older than 5.7.12.

also on team manjaro has added the fix , but in this case
try to “correct” a kasan detection on shutdown ,
there is 2 allocations memory , try after to free them ( that is expected ) , in many case cant see this if shutdown is applied , but not free before shutdown

this first patch in stable has not been tested enough…

This is the same patch that torvic linked in the OP and that upstream have added to address the underlying issue.

That is, this isn’t a “Manjaro” fix, they’re just including the same patch everyone else is.

But, at least in this case they haven’t stripped out the author from the patch file so that, at least, is giving credit.

I also can’t see a report of the issue on the Manjaro forum, which means they are watching other places for their testing. :rofl: