Keeping in touch again, it certainly has been a while

I am sorry to read these lines and I hope you can soon get through this time and move on, I know, it is not easy and believe me I know… as I also know that you are strong and you will get out, although you never forget a loved one, but you can, as you can, give it forward.

Lots of strength and best wishes for your recovery.


Portuguese translation :portugal:


Português fantástico já está disponível! :rocket:

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Spanish Version: Manteniendonos en contacto, ha pasado ya un tiempo


Por fin español también!
muchas gracias!

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…because the released ISO is deteriorating and in need of a new release.

Yeah, as somebody who had such a severe issue with the current ISO and even Arch’s offical ISO that Nvidia was completely broken on it, I’m glad that we’ll see something new soon! I love this community!