Just wanted to say great forum

Since I can’t even begin to echo what @flyingalone said I will just say ditto to his main post, and add I really appreciate all the help today alone without there being any unwarranted snark.


Yeah, it’s a very nice forum.

Regarding the snark you got on two other forums, at least in the situations where I was present to witness it, you kinda deserved it :rofl:

But it think most people are nice to people who are nice to them. There are exceptions, but they are quite rare.


Besides it’s quite a lot of fun! :partying_face:
We have :monkey: in our systems, as well as :frog: and of course :penguin: :joy:


@anon83136962, glad you are enjoying the forum!

Lets not dig up past wounds related to things that happened on other forums.

Mine have been expunged :cowboy_hat_face:


You will find yourself here soon :hugs:


No I did not. I don’t give unless I get, and never have. That said lets leave it there.

Completely agree.

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I had a monkey on my back my whole life. :wink:
So I’m glad my OSs don’t have those.

For now :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :crazy_face:

I hope, if they invade some day, it’ll be baboons. I think penguins and red butted apes will just be an awesome picture. :wink:

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