Jonathon passed away

Please delete this if this is not acceptable.

I would love to have these messages kept alongside an online memorial of Jonathon. If you have time and would like to, could you please write something on his page?


Really sorry to hear of Jonathons death. My condolences and wish his family well.


Thanks for linking the page, and indeed totally fine to have this here.


A request to all Linux and esp Arch communities, posting here as I’m most active here - can someone create a collection of all of Jonathons postings, help, advice etc from various forums, his arch packages, comments etc which we can then save as single file pdf, both to preserve his contributions and memory, as those pages won’t last.

With all respect, that is a large and time-consuming request. None of us is doing this in a professional capacity, perhaps you can make a start by searching the several forums yourself.


it possible by search with @jonathon for all topic
use filter to select more pertinent topics

it works on garuda forums , endevoursos forums

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Of the 4 Linux forums that I had the pleasure of @jonathon’s company, I would guesstimate that he had well upwards of 20,000 posts. It would be pretty hard to make a compendium of his greatest hits, as so many were solid gold.

Rest in peace Jon, you are greatly missed.


I don’t know how to get past packages he maintained. At one time a few weeks ago, the AUR count was over 100. Now less than a dozen.

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Thanks for doing this for us! This is a monumentally massive undertaking. He had probably thousand of solutions just on Manjaro alone.

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Rest in peace.
Царствие Небесное.

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Man, I’ve been out of the loop for a while and I’ve only just seen this thread.

This news is a gutpunch. Jonathon was a huge part of this community, and of other Linux distro communities out there.

Absolutely gutted. Rest in peace Jonathon, you will definitely be very much missed.


I am very late to this thread and despite never having known or interacted with Jonathon, I admire him for all he has done for the Linux community and want to pay my respect and offer my condolences.

Here’s to Jonathon :pray:

sudo pacman rest-in-peace


I’m new to the community as a thankful guest and I would like to extend my sympathies to Jonathon’s family and friends. I did not know him, but he sounded like quite a man of talents and I’m sure that he will be missed, both far and wide. Made the good Lord rest his soul and comfort his family. Amen.


Dear departed Soul , rest in peace , I hope one day you’ll come back to earth and help us again , your contributions to the arch community cannot be forgotten in the linux history, and you would have a special place inside our hearts :heart: :latin_cross::bouquet:


Rest in Peace ,He did a lot for freedom software.He lose his life to peace leave lagacy for next once,Glory to Revolution of freedom software


Wow almost 200 AUR packages?
That’s insane. Respect and Rest In Peace.

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It has been a year now since Jonathon passed away and even though we still keep him in our minds and hearts, I think it will be appropriate to close this thread.