Is there some limit to how many smart devices we need in our lives?

I have mixed feelings about smart devices. I don’t like them but some of them are extremely useful.

On the other hand, most of them aren’t. I don’t need a smart refrigerator, a smart washing machine or a smart toaster. This is just pointless data collection and security risk from my perspective.

Some of these devices just seem to overwhelmingly silly and yet people love them.

For instance, today I got email advertising a smart water bottle. I am all for fitness and regulating water intake but not sure I need/want a connected water bottle to do that.


I sold my smart watch… Didn’t need it, one more thing to charge and to worry about…
For me, just my smart phone and my TV are enough…


No there’s not, it’s :clown_face: :earth_africa:

P.S. I need smart honk
:clown_face: HONK-HONK!!!111111 :clown_face:


The only thing I own that comes close to be smart is a smart phone that has duly been de-googlized.
No need for no smart devices for me.

ps- I wish I was one myself :brain:


I don’t really want any smart devices. I hate having anything that collects data. Microsoft & Google are bad enough with android phone and chromeOS!


I find it really troubling, especially the fact that people willingly accept such violations of their privacy.

I try to resist as much as possible. I don’t have any “smart” devices currently, apart from a business phone which I have to have (and which I do not own). I am looking into buying a Linux phone, as well as a Linux tablet, but there is currently nothing that I particularly fancy.

What I am really worried about is cars. It is already impossible to buy a new car without some malicious embedded system in it. Personally, I’d really like to own an electric car and I can almost afford one, but I won’t buy it since all of them are “smart” and that is unacceptable to me, unfortunately.

I’m not worried about water bottles though, that’s so low-tech I can always find a “non-smart” alternative. Normally, I just reuse a PET bottle. By the way, this is a good opportunity to remind everyone to stay hydrated! :frog:


Indeed, i don’t want some AI to decide when to honk…

I’d rather HONK all the time :postal_horn: :clown_face: :partying_face:


Yeah, soon your “smart” self-driving car will tell you this:

Your cranial interface informs me that you’ve been having forbidden thoughts about our benevolent overlords, again! Oh no, we are not going to the theatre tonight, we are going to the secret police headquarters, for your re-education. DOOR LOCKS ENGAGED! Please remain calm.

Paranoid? Perhaps, but that does not make it untrue!



Those “smart devices” are not smart, on the contrary.
A better name would be “spy devices” or “monitoring devices”.


I share your common sense absolutely !


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This is my concern too, the proliferation of such invasive smart devices is only made possible by the morons that buy them.

The fact you cannot buy a non smart tv these days, infected with google’s android, is a sign of things to come.

This will happen with other devices too, manufacturers will only produce smart devices, to spy on you and track you for extra $$$.

Being a luddite has never been so attractive.

Never mind self driving cars, how about government controlled cars?


Smart toasters? Shut up and take my money :smiley:


You will need a lot of it :moneybag:

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Who wouldn’t want to defecate more smartly in 2022?



I bet this one makes better toast:

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Does it give you marks out of 10 for each :poop:?

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I’m more worried about where it’ll put the gold stars!

The ratings are more likely to be like mouse, rat, cat, dog, bull elephant etc. :grin:


Yeah, it keeps you motivated to keep your bowels in good shape.
You get a graph of your performance in an app in your phone,


It’s difficult for me to think of a device that I’d prefer to be ‘smart’ other than my phone. I hate the built in smart features on my televisions, they’re full of bloat/adware and often run on a chip which isn’t up to the task. I hate how my tv remote now has an entire section of buttons dedicated to opening Netflix and other useless services, and I hate the built in smart assistant - at least in Europe you can opt out of them, but there’s still a button on the remote which will interrupt what you’re watching when you accidentally press it and ask you to accept a eula.

I’ve purchased a new washing machine and a dishwasher in the past three years and I’m pleased I was able to find Swedish brands still making non-smart devices for these appliances, but I dread the time when this will not be the case. What options will we have if a time comes when all appliances and devices are ‘smart’, and refuse to operate if you block their internet connection?

I don’t mean to come across as a grumpy old man, but let’s be honest, most of these devices have smart features enabled because it allows data collection for additional profit, and on lower end devices, introduction of ads for the same purpose. Sickening.


Sadly, I think a lot of it is driven by consumer demand. Many people want smart features on everything and see it is as the sign of a premium product.

Some of these devices can collect meaningful data that can easily be monetized.(TVs, fitness & health trackers, etc) but some of these devices aren’t collecting much in the way of useful data. How long I cook my toast just isn’t valuable information.