INTERNXT - cloud/backup storage service

just today came across a supposedly zero-knowledge cloud storage service called “internxt”

Apparently they have a free 10gb account available.

Soliciting recommendations pro and con.

(I have been using SpideroakONE backup for years and have encountered a problem with a new installation.)

Generally speaking, on the subject of the cloud storage, you will get the same standard responses from almost the same protagonists almost always.

Here is one thread (perhaps there are more) in the forum:

Here is another, more recent one:

It’s somebody else’s computer.


pebcak, appreciation for your recall of past related threads.

Since my post of 3/24/24 I have discovered Proton Drive as another encrypted online backup service. I had relied some on ( as a guide.

As Kresimir points out, someone else’s hardware is involved – to which I suppose attention should be given to not relying on a single service.

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The only computer you can trust is your own, assuming you know what is running on it. I recommend keeping your backups locally. Set up a small server for that if you feel so inclined, or just use external drives that are unmounted and unplugged when not in use.

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This is what I do, if you have anything that is essential backup and store at a trusted location instead of something you are questioning hey


I’m not familiar with Internxt. But I’ve read reviews at PCWorld (4.5 stars) and TechRadar (4 stars). Looks interesting, but I’m quite happy with Dropbox. I don’t need encryption or other bells and whistles. The combination of Dropbox and an external SSD are all I need.

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What if your house catches on fire and the fire is so intense you have no time to grab your external disks or the fire is already where the external disks are. Are you going to risk your life to try to get them anyway or get the hell out of the house? I would choose the latter, better to just encrypt your backups if you do store them to an external location. What if you have a mental illness(ie: schizophrenia) and you don’t trust or can’t yourself, where do you store your backups then?

Well I store mine in my unit at and at a trusted friends place. Apart from that I have a few things on github but they aren’t really important.

What if you get into a major fight with that friend and you don’t trust him anymore?

I would request it back and they would return it. It’s happened before but they are understanding of my mental health and just how quickly my thoughts can change.
EDIT. Another plus is they are technology retarded (their words not mine), they need help every single time they get a different phone etc

Or what if your friends house burns down? Just trying to point out that there quite a few circumstances that could change with your connection to that trusted location or that connection to that trusted location, might as well just store your backups encrypted to a location that has less risk. Yes even a datacenter can burn down, but most datacenters have fallback locations.

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Yes all that is possible but as I said I don’t backup too much sensitive information anyway. I’d prefer to lose access to something than give access to someone I don’t trust. I have 2 steam accounts because of this and I never backed up my usernames anywhere, took me about 8 months before I remembered out of the blue what it was.
I do get what you are getting at though

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I wouldn’t trust something closed source. I’ve tried many proprietary backup solutions, every one of them had some issues. Not to mention can’t trust their security/encryption if you don’t know how it is implemented.

Keeping everything at home is not a solution for important or sensitive data, it’s not safe. One important rule about backup, that you should always have two of them in parallel.

Whatever you use, it should be open source. I can recommend borg with or hetzner’s storage box, both are cheap. I’ve been using borgbase for years now, without issues, also has free tier. Started using hetzner recently, it’s more flexible(more protocol supported), not sure how reliable it is.

Also check out restic.

What if your hypotheticals are absolutely asinine?

I wouldn’t call them asinine just unlikely

What if you called them Bob, would I care? :frog:

Buy a small thick metal hard disk 1TB+, it is probably resistant to house fire as possible.

I have this.

Probably not and I wouldn’t care either way. I’m more referring to the word you used as its definition is “extremely stupid or foolish”. I wouldn’t say any of the remarks were this.