What online file storage do you use

I found an old warze cd I made back in the 90 s, and want to store a backup of it online. Not sure which service to use. What should I consider when choosing?

Are you looking for something that you upload to and forget about or something that you sync your current files/work/pictures to?

filen.io does a good job of doing both, though it is a relatively new service.
Mega (MegaSync), pCloud, ProtonDrive, and Icedrive are good for syncing current files.

Then of course, there’s Nextcloud and Owncloud.

Here are some links you may refer to for comparisons (listed in order of most trusted sources):
privacytools - https://www.privacytools.io/encrypted-cloud-storage
techlore - https://www.techlore.tech/resources#cloud
alternativeto - https://alternativeto.net/category/backup-and-sync/cloud-storage/
cloudwards - https://www.cloudwards.net/cloud-storage/

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I ve never used online storage so not quite sure what s possible, or appropriate. I just want to easily be able to access the iso file in the future if I so desire. I guess it would be helpful to know the different usage scenarios. It seems pretty cut and dry, but I m sure there are subtle aspects that are helpful to know.

Well, it kinda is cut and dry, once reading is not a challenge for you.

It’s easy to sign up for these ones:

I’d recommend them to anyone, so you can roll the dice on anyone. Mega is the oldest, however. And Proton is the one that is most similar in terms of features to the other popular services that I didn’t mention (because I wouldn’t recommend them).

Nextcloud and Owncloud are for people who know what they’re doing, so they require more reading (just a little) and more work (also, just a little).

I guess I was sort of expecting to hear horror stories about how someone lost all of there data because of whatever…My only experience with online storage is from working at a cnc machine shop where the owner stored all of his nc programs, drawings, and prints on google drive. At the time, I thought it was irresponsible, and there were a few times he did loose access, and it basically shut down the shop. Since then I have avoided online storage.

I just straight up use Dropbox.

Mega works fine, never tried pCloud or ProtonDrive. Never heard of Icedrive.

Really comes down to your use case. I’ve done encrypted backups on AWS Glacier. Works splendidly. But you’re talking a CD. For that kind of payload, email it to yourself as an attachment. Problem solved.

Nothing wrong with online (with solid encryption) as part of a system. Single points of failure are bad, cloud or dirt.


Hehe, yep. He didnt understand, or even care about backing up. He knew everything, so I couldn t tell him anything…

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I bought a “lifetime” 1 TB storage on IceDrive back when they first started several years ago. At the time it was only $120 USD, I think because they were trying to drum up some business. It seemed a little risky at the time, but I got lucky because they are still going strong.

Actually the web UI is really nice now, they have spruced it up over the years and added some nice features. E2EE is optional too; obviously you lose photo thumbnailing, video playback, file preview, etc in the web UI if you go for encryption, but if you are just using it for backups who cares.

It’s definitely way more expensive now; I just checked and it looks like 512 GB is $299 for the lifetime price. I guess I’m glad I grabbed it when I did; the way it is priced now you’d have to stick with it for a few years to get a good value out of it.

I use it for offsite backups, just documents and family photos mostly. Rclone doesn’t have an API for it, but IceDrive supports the CalDav method which rclone has and it definitely works great. I have a healthchecks.io monitor on there and the only downtime it has had is when I have made changes to the script and messed it up. :crazy_face:


I’ve used a lot of services for online storage, at the free tier all the time because I’m broke, and honestly I just stick with USB Flash drives nowadays. I occasionally save some things up on Google Drive, but it isn’t very important stuff.

Why would i use :clown_face: storage?
It’s some :clown_face:'s computer that will own my data?

No thx…i’m good enough :clown_face: myself, i can store my data.

That s actually what I ve been doing. Last few days I ve been going through all my old hdds, cds, and dvds. I forgot I still had some of this stuff I m finding. I found my old set of fireball ide hdd s. I had them for my first raid setup. Problem is I have no way to read the data. At any rate, I have loads of different media types. I just want to consolidate, and get rid of this old tech. My first thought was to use an online storage. I just made an account with Mediafire. They give you 10GB of space. It seems a bit slow, but I ll try them out for now. I think my ultimate goal is to build a NAS. I still need to research a bit on that though.

Good luck with Mediafire. I just remembered that my ISP offers a 50GB cloud storage plan for free. I doubt that ISPs where you live do this, but perhaps check?

A privacy-focused cloud alternative to Google Drive

I m beginning to think the same. I will use online storage for a bit, but I think a nas in my future. Building one sounds cool, but a ready to run out of the box unit is probably what I will do.

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Possible the worst idea, to store something like that online. The internet doesn’t forget.

Instructions for carrying out illegal activities should please be avoided.

Thank you for your understanding.