Do you backup your important data to any cloud storage ? Which one?

While discussing backup strategies on a forum someone told me that it’s very important to maintain a offsite backup so back then I had opened a Dropbox account. Later Dropbox started implementing all kinds of weird policies like users can’t encrypt their data & only EXT4 was accepted so I opened a MEGAsync account & since then I am using Mega.

Do you backup your important data to any cloud storage ? Which one ?

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I pay for 200Gb of Google Drive

I use lnsync to sync between my NAS and that.

My backup is first a local backup on a external USB hard drive four times a day with rsync.
Once a week I store a backup on one of two different USB hard drives that are kept outside my house in two different places.
Some really important documents/scans are stored in my private nextcloud. Those douments do not change that often, so I do not have to backup them daily or weekly.
If one day some of my backups will be destroyed at the same time and I will be around my backup will be worthless because it will be a natural disaster or the end oft the world. By that time I will not need my backup any more. :crazy_face:

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Google provides 15GB free which more than enough for me but I have never stored anything on Google drive coz I simply don’t trust Google. I have a Gmail account which I rarely use. I usually don’t send or receive emails that much. For web searches I use Qwant.

You are lucky that you have found a place which is outside of your premises where you can store your backup drives. If I had that liberty I wouldn’t have bothered to use any cloud storage.

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Do you have not the opportunity to deposit a encrypted hard drive or sd card somewhere out of your house?
If you look for something in a cloud storage try to find a provider that offers nextcloud. A good administrated nextcloud has a encryption by default for all the data and you can store encrypted data in the cloud store itself.

I don’t use clown-based storage. Why would I keep my stuff on other people’s computers?

When I need more backup, I buy more HDDs. Storage is fairly cheap nowadays, e.g. Bezos will sell you a one terabyte Western Digital Blue HDD for about 40 petrodollars. No need to share your stuff with Goolag.


Yes, no :clown_face: -based storage for me as well.


Well, I wouldn’t leave it outside, they are quite sensitive to temperature changes and humidity. And I don’t trust flash drives and SD cards with important data, they sometimes forget what’s stored on them…

But I do have a bunch of copies of DVDs with important (to me priceless) photos and documents that I entrusted my friends and family to keep safe at their homes. If there is anything sensitive there, it’s encrypted, of course.

The same could be done with HDDs, I guess. Just write it and give it to a trustworthy friend to keep somewhere in a closet. Encrypt the sensitive data, just in case your friend loses it somehow.

The only reason I decided to use cloud based storage was the fact that people suggested that its very important that I keep at least one set of backup offsite

By out of the house you mean out in the open ? I don’t think I am comfortable with the idea. I read about Nextcloud. Nextcloud makes sense if a multiple PCs at home and use those to backup your data instead of a cloud provider. I have only one desktop at home. I am the only person here who needs computer so I didn’t invest in more computers.

Yes, I feel the same way. The only reason I use Mega is to acheive the offsite factor. I read a lot of articles which says that Mega can be trusted. The only data that I have which is of critical nature is my KeePassXC database. As you know KeePassXC encrypts the database file by default with the help of a password & also a key file which adds additional security. So I kind of try not to worry about my database file.

Now, this is bad news for me. I had purchased a Western Digital My Passport drive some years back. It only lasted 6 months. I lost a lot of data. I got fed up with the idea of external spinning drives & started using a Sandisk 32GB flash drive for backups. So far no loss of data but not sure what will happen in the near future.

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Sorry, that was unclear from my side. With “out of your house”, I ment to keep them at family, friends or work place.

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it always means buried deep in the backyard!

No. Nextcloud does also make sense if you are the only user, because the Nextcloud can be a cloud service outside your home. You can run it at home too, but that is not what you asked for.
Have a look if there are service providers in your country that offer a (managed) Nextcloud service.

I’ve thought of offline storage but in the end I just have my system back up nightly to a backup server in the house. Also I just use borg to do the backups

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I am not into :clown_face: or :cloud_with_lightning: storage either. I use Syncthing .

Syncthing keeps all my computers/devices in sync, which is one layer of backup; laptop has the same files as the desktop. I also backup the synced folder they each share to a backup drive, redundancy. My :fire: plan is always to grab the backup drive and my :scream_cat:…and run. I would rather risk losing my important files than have some corporation funneling them to some gov’t agency, or whatever “contract” they have in secret. :male_detective:

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I back up nothing … yes nothing! Nothing Del :scream_cat:

Backups are bloat… until your drive breaks. :wink:

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Yes and lessons learned from Windows. 99% of the time they fail! :laughing:

I use,

  • Mega ← private 50Gb (free)
  • OneDrive ← private 5Tb (paid 1 time life time license)
  • Box ← work/private 15gb (free)
  • Dropbox ← work 1Tb (sponsored by office)
  • Mediafire ← private 55Gb (free 2 accounts)
  • Yandex ← private 15Gb (free)

And I also have lotof external hard drives I think all of them comes up to 5Tb. I do use :clown_face: storage due to the flexibility it gives me.

i use syncthing to sync most files between my main home desktop and my machine at the office, both of which do regular backups to external drives. My house and office are a few miles apart, so if they both burn down simultaneously then I’m probably looking at bigger problems than data loss.


I do backup my data to cloud-based storage. However, I encrypt it locally first, not using any technology from the cloud provider. Because of that, it doesn’t really matter that much where I store it. Further, since it is merely a replica of my local backups, if it was ever lost, it isn’t hard to recreate.

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