Install "kio_recoll"?

I am on BTRFS, KDE Plasma, have Recoll installed, Baloo disabled.

yay -Syu kio_recoll

gives me a few errors (hopefully below clarifies it):

 -> Downloading recoll-1.21.6.tar.gz...
  % Total    % Received % Xferd  Average Speed   Time    Time     Time  Current
                                 Dload  Upload   Total   Spent    Left  Speed
100   354  100   354    0     0   2721      0 --:--:-- --:--:-- --:--:--  2744
  0   313    0     0    0     0      0      0 --:--:-- --:--:-- --:--:--     0
curl: (22) The requested URL returned error: 404
==> ERROR: Failure while downloading
 -> error making: kio_recoll

How is that 404?
Maybe there is another way to download and install “recoll-1.21.6.tar.gz” separately? How? Will it work?
Any help highly appreciated.
Thank you.

In my Recoll app - About is “Recoll 1.32.1 + Xapian 1.4.19”

What if I try install xapian (and perhaps uninstall Recoll and delete its index), would it be integrated with Dolphin?

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The package you are trying to install:

Last Updated: 2016-05-14 22:02 (UTC)

It is most probably not available at that address anymore.

Yes… it seems so, this is why it is giving 404.
The link you provided says that (Link to the text below).

After adding the appropriate repository to your software sources, you will be able to install recoll and kio_recoll from the software management interface.

Sorry I am no expert. But as I understand I should add some specific repos?
I don’t know which ones or how-to.

Thank you for your care.

The most important rule of installing stuff from the AUR:

Don’t blindly run yay package_name, look up the package first on

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The latest version of Recoll in Arch’s repos is 1-32.1
The current Recoll release is 1-32.5

You might want to get in touch with the maintainer of the package and let them know that it is out of date:

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Well, honestly while installing I followed the defaults and I did not add or remove anything.

I see it is there already in Arch Repos.

But it seems during installation it looks for the file “recoll-1.21.6.tar.gz” at the recoll web site not at arch repos. (and it is not there).

As my post above maybe there is another way?

You are not installing from Arch repos but from AUR:

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I already emailed him.
But there is no other way to come around this?

and the missing file is “recoll-1.21.6.tar.gz”
My installed Recoll is “Recoll 1.32.1 + Xapian 1.4.19”

Looks strange for me. Why is it looking for “recoll-1.21.6.tar.gz” while it is already installed?!

I just followed the defaults during installation.
Perhaps I should add Arch Aur Repos? How-to?
Should I remove my “current” AUR Repos? How-to?

I know there is some file I have to edit as far as I remember. But can’t remember. I have to search to find out (again).

Because you are trying to install an out of date package from AUR over your already installed and more recent package from Arch’s repo.

Please have a look at the links I posted above about the repositories and the AUR. Also the following:

It is not me! I just followed the defaults, just using yay -S packagename!

I will read the link you provided!
Thank you.

yay is a pacman wrapper with AUR support.

That means it can install/remove/upgrade etc packages from both Arch’s repo and AUR (Arch User Repository)

In this case kio_recoll is not in Arch’s official repos, so it is looking into AUR to install it.

Have a look at:

yay --help
man yay

I hope I understand properly.
The error says that it does not exist (404) at the developers web site “”
So, I understand installation did not initially look for it in AUR.
As my post above the developers web site says the developers repos should be added.

There is no ready made packages in the AUR to be fetched and installed. Only instructions (PKGBUILDs) for where to get and how to build and install a package from the source.

Please read through the links I have provided above.

You could use

yay -Ss ## search for a package
yay --repo ## for packages in Arch's repos
yay --aur ## for packages in AUR

:eye: yay --help

No, no, you don’t just follow the “defaults” with AUR. You have to carefully check everything. I’ve written many posts about this, you’ve read them:

When you see a package that hasn’t been updated in 6 years and very few people seem to use, that should set off alarms in your mind, you don’t just install that blindly with the “defaults”.

That’s not an Arch repo, that’s the AUR.

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Sorry! Another inaccurate technical expression from my side.
I meant it is in AUR of ARCH as I understood from the link

I will highly appreciate your understanding how non techie I am and that I am absolutely new to Arch in general. (If I count my Arch based I came from + finally EOS, so I am only 3 months on Arch based Linux) (I would not count the years since I started with Suse - big difference between Arch and other RPM, DEB based distros)


OK… I will double check the story of AUR repos, repos in general and hope I get an answer from the developer in reply to my email.

Thank you.

A wonderful very helpful support as usual, and I am still learning new things!
Thank you.

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AUR is a repository of build scripts and not a repository of packages.

Using yay to install AUR packages builds package locally on your system.

So when the script is outdated, it won’t work.

Thank you. It is much clearer for me now.
That is why, I notice when installing yesterday (as far as I remember it was krusader… it took ages)

I am reading now more about AUR and currently checking my “/etc/pacman.conf” to know more.
Thank you.

Wrong place. pacman.conf has nothing to do with the AUR.

Read this: