Install EndeavourOS on Qemu/KVM [WIKI]

In this guide I explain how to install EndeavourOS in Qemu / KVM.

First of all we must have enabled libvirt and virtual-manager.

We create a new VM and once installed we must install some packages that we will need to have the resize of the windows.

sudo pacman -S spice spice-gtk spice-protocol spice-vdagent qemu-guest-agent

We enable the service

sudo systemctl status qemu-ga

We restart and we will find our system enabled with the resize of the windows. Soon I will publish a video that illustrates how to install and configure it on Qemu/KVM


Just replace - for now - spice-vdagent with spice-vdagent-git… You’ll not suffer from the 90 seconds wait on shutdown / restart.


Honestly I have not tried it but the machine shuts down in 3 seconds without using git

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I faced the opposite on my archlinux based VM. YMMV as they say :smiley:

even now I’m trying the conteiner with opennebula. I want to see until I get to squeeze my ryzen 7

edh2-ovmf is also helpfull to test with efi? or is it changed because the renaming … ?

For uefi tomorrow place what I installed because now I am not sonk in front of the lc.

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To enable uefi in virt-manager just install the following package:


Run this command and we will have uefi enabled:

sudo mkdir -p /etc/qemu/firmware
sudo sed ‘s#qemu/edk2-x86_64-code.fd#ovmf/x64/OVMF_CODE.fd#;s#qemu/edk2-i386-vars.fd#ovmf/x64/OVMF_VARS.fd#’ < /usr/share/qemu/firmware/60-edk2-x86_64.json > /etc/qemu/firmware/10-ovmf-workaround.json
sudo systemctl restart libvirtd

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I’m curious to see your video on the subject, like on youtube, there is very little, thank you

Tomorrow I complete it I’ll post it.


Me too as I’m having trouble following this! I have tried Qemu before but iy could never get it to work properly like i can with V-box full screen.

with linux (archlinux) we learn new things every day

Ya… that’s the problem. I keep learning how much i don’t know and how little i do know! :rofl:

Tomorrow I will publish a super detailed guide on how to install, configure and have the window resize done without problems.


Package $ yay -S virt-manager from community repo is a GUI that makes managing QEMU/KVM machines an experience close to virtualbox. The performance benefits of KVM vs Virtualbox are very noticeable.
I don’t have a need to boot to Windows any longer (well except once in a blue moon when I want to game, but that’s rather rare, as I’m not into ). I now run that install from the comfort of my Linux desk :slight_smile: I passed the physical Windows drive thru to the KVM VM and it boots directly off the Windows drive. I can now run the same Windows install both with direct booting into it or through the VM. Running through a VM has the added benefit of being able to communicate with my Linux system and access it through SSH (I use WinFsp and SSHFS-Win, two windows programs which allow drive mapping trough ssh, as a workaround for the now no longer working samba).

what exactly is this command doing? i see creates 10-ovmf-workaround.json file but how?

See what the code seds


command does not work when i copy paste it… sudo only takes first part and writing the file does not work… may caused by ’ “” ‘’’ issue :wink:

Use sudo su and then copy and paste the code. Beware of that perhaps glues them incorrectly

Rendering of the video tutorial for endeavor in progress Screenshot_20200505_192259