Inkscape delivers v1.0.1 - with experimental Scribus PDF export

Users accustomed to lengthy waits between releases will be surprised to find open-source vector graphic outfit, Inkscape, has squeezed out version 1.0.1 of its editor mere months after the version 1.0 milestone was achieved.

It took 16 years for Inkscape to hit 1.0 last May and we came away impressed by the polish of the cross-platform vector graphic editor.


Also, more here.


Inkscape is still a long way to rival Illustrator or even Corel Draw, but it’s getting there, slowly. I’m very happy that they are working on it.

While we’ve had great raster graphics and photo editors on Linux (Darktable, GIMP, Krita), for quite some time, which are close in features, or sometimes even better than the industry standard Photoshop, vector graphics software on Linux, on the other hand, has always been very deficient, with Inkscape being pretty much it, but lacking very important features (like CMYK support). I think this is great news for any graphics designer who wants to use Linux and FOSS exclusively.


To me most disappointing downside in Inkscape is it’s layer management…

It’s extremely hard for complex graphics (well at least to me, if we compare to something like Illustrator or Corel draw)

However it is really great to see development :slight_smile:


Agree, it isn’t the most user-friendly tool, especially compared, as you did, to the proprietary alternatives. My favorite was the now defunct Freehand (so many things created with this,) but editing EPS files from it was a nightmare. Still, best UI hands down.

I am glad they are still moving forward. It has been an essential open source tool, along with Gimp. The CMYK thing, a proprietary system in its own right, has always been “a thing” with the open source community, open source heads butting up against immovable Adobe-based business decisions.

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Agree. They really need to follow Gimp’s layer management system, which is a lot like Photoshops. I scream every time I use Inkscape, because its basically awkward to non-existent.

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I had high hopes for Akira, not sure what’s it’s dev status now though, since they’ve raised a lot of money on kickstarter but haven’t met goal…

Have you guys tried ?

But they could make clone, like with AdobeRGB there’s a clone which is you know, 99,9999% same :slight_smile:

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GIMP is only missing non-destructive filters (like adjustment layers in Photoshop), to be a much better program than Photoshop (it already is in many ways). This feature already exists in Krita, and it’s actively developed for GIMP.

Scribus is also nowhere near InDesign in usability, but there is a better alternative to InDesign: LATEX and especially ConTEXt. Yeah, they are not user friendly, but they produce much better looking documents than InDesign ever could.

Inkscape, on the other hand, has still a long way to go to reach the level of Illustrator. So, in order to completely replace Adobe Creative Suite with FOSS, the only thing that needs a lot of development is Inkscape.


Well…Video-editors have a lot to polish too, KDEnlive is pretty good, but still a little bit behind + buggy sometimes :slight_smile:

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For serious production, DaVinci Resolve, although proprietary software, works great on Linux. For amateur videos and small productions, Kdenlive is good enough.

I don’t really see the need for anything between DaVinci Resolve and Kdenlive. It would be great if DaVinci Resolve released its source code, but that’s not going to happen, of course.

Also, Audacity needs a GUI update, it’s getting really outdated. It’s a great program, but it looks like it is from the '90s.

I use to use a proprietary UI/Web program which I can’t remember the name of, that looked a lot like this, interesting. I am more into graphics and logos these days.

This looks promising, thanks. I will check it out. I love a new find. :wink:

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I mean…Yeah you certainly can do pro-stuff in DaVinchi Resolve, however if you compare to something like Adobe Premiere + Adobe After effects - it’s main winning point in my opinion is plugins, extremely diverse eco-system of sometimes very complex effects (again proprietary most of times, still…)

However for simpler stuff and if you make your own graphics - for montage both Kdenlive and DaVinchi Resolve are good enough at that point :slight_smile:

Certainly better than something like Sony / MAGIX Vegas or something like that.

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Is that project still alive? I though they abandoned it a decade ago. They tried to copy Corel Draw, but never got very far.

I think DaVinci Resolve is well on its way to replace Adobe Premiere and After Effects as the industry standard. A lot of high budget Hollywood productions use DaVinci Resolve now, and many video commercials you see on TV are also edited in it.

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Judging by news yes

I haven’t tried it yet myself, but as @RodneyCK said - looks promising :frog:

Same…A lot of money grow on those trees lately :yum:


It seems to be, there is a modified date in AUR’s package of June 2020.

For serious production, DaVinci Resolve…

Also, nice software, even the paid version is reasonably priced for hobbyist/business enthusiasts.

Hmm. Let’s try a build.

Edit: OK, it’s in my repo (under current/extra/x86_64).


I have it up and running…EWWWW the sequels here, new toys. :laughing:


Just found some :pirate_flag: 16 Linux beta for poor hobbyists :laughing:
Maybe will try to fire it sometimes later and see what it’s capable of this days… :male_detective:

Wait a minute…

DaVinci Resolve 16

Innovative tools for editing including the revolutionary new cut page, visual effects, motion graphics, color correction and audio post production, all in a single application!


What? :astonished:

Oh so apparently there is both free and paid versions now…That’s cool
Well anyway i know how to get paid, however free should be fine too :upside_down_face:


To the secret police agent who is assigned to monitor my online activities: Hello! I just want to make a statement on the record that I vociferously disavow any such practices. Poor hobbyists can go to heck! :wink:

@keybreak I’ll send you a PM… Completely unrelated to this, of course. :wink:


Sk1 has a nice interface, it really reminds me of Adobe’s old Freehand program. Off the bat, it has about the same layer system as Inkscape, which is a bummer. I will continue to play around with it though. I think we found a keeper.


Damn… :man_facepalming:
Thx for both saving my time & breaking my dream of checking it out! :rofl: