Inkscape delivers v1.0.1 - with experimental Scribus PDF export

You know you can drag layers to reorder them using the xml editor window, right?

I’ve been using Inkscape for a long time now as replacement for Corel and AI. At this point I’m used to it so that I don’t miss any of the non-FOSS counterparts. It’s true I had to get used to having less features, but I learned to do what I need with the tools available in Inkscape. I now usually install Inkscape on Windows machines too when I have to do some work on them.


Sure…If you ask me - not fun :upside_down_face:

Not saying it’s best, just saying it’s there if it needs to be used. I just do without dragging layers to reorder usually (i use send to back and bring to front a lot)

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BTW if you miss the paging feature of Corel, I recommend using Scribus (an InDesign FOSS alternative).


Thanks for the tip. Unfortunately, it is kind of a hacky way of doing it.

Out of interest, what’s wrong with the Inkscape layer system?


Very rudimentary. Off the top of my head, doesn’t include layer groups, duplicating layer groups, previews, grouping of two objects is not shown. I am sure there is more.

Gimp Layers as a comparison;