If you had $1,000,000,000. what would you do?

Common answers will be in a poll.
You could pick all of the options but that’s :clown_face: behavior.

  • Donate to charity / make the world a better place.
  • Buy a bunch of stuff for yourself (elaborate in your post plz)
  • Donate to :enos:
  • Buy out a company just to shut it down :rofl:
  • Start a company for a cause you support, like :enos:
  • Other (elaboration required)

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I’d buy some :clown_face: makeup.



Then pick the other option in the poll!



My makeup, my rules!!!1111111


Here’s what I would do:

Donate to :enos:
Buy Manjaro to shut it down and redirect it to :enos: :rofl:
Make the world a better place by buying TikTok to shut it down :rofl:
Start a company to make the world a better place.

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In the not so far past the question would be what would you do with $1M? now we are already at 1 billion. :rofl:

I accidentally put 3 too many 0’s thinking it was $1M. I’ll keep it that way. Feature not a bug.

I think you are spot on, you won’t go far building (or shutting down) a company with 1M.


If you only had one option what would you pick?

My poll, my rules !111!!!111!!!@

Run for president in some country :crazy_face:

PS. For making the world a better place, of course :wink:

Maybe :ru:?

Building rather than shutting down. I don’t want to soil my fingers with dirty businesses, rather be creative and start with my own concept :thinking: :grin:

Sure but i’m a billionaire :clown_face: so why would i even listen to you now :rofl:

I’d rather HONK.

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FYI you can do that in a game called Tropico :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

If I had the money I’d buy out a certain Linux distro infamous for delaying packages on an otherwise rolling release distro and repurpose everything there. Maybe a few chaotic-aur and :enos: mirrors? as well as game servers? or maybe rent them out?

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you spent it all on :clown_face: makeup, too bad.

I would make a huge donation to discourse in exchange for removing the poll feature.


No game needed.

It happens in the “real” world :innocent:

But, that’s a game to, I guess :thinking:


We can always use Reddit polls. :slight_smile:

Don’t tell me you’d donate to reddit to remove polls there, the admins on that site turned it into a hate site :sob:

also I could just buy the endeavorOS servers then put a custom fork of Discourse that reverts the commit :smiley: