If not EndeavourOS, what distro would you be using?

Just curious to know what y’all might be using it not for EndeavourOS. Some examples include:

  • Fedora (any spin)/CentOS/Red Hat
  • openSUSE Leap/Tumbleweed/GeckoLinux
  • Ubuntu (any flavor)
  • Debian
  • elementaryOS
  • Arch
  • Arch-based (i.e. ArcoLinux, Manjaro, Garuda, etc.)
  • Linux Mint
  • MX Linux
  • Gentoo
  • Slackware
  • Solus
  • Any form of BSD
  • Any other Ubuntu derivative (I.e. Pop!_OS, Zorin, KDE Neon, etc.)
  • Other

As I may have mentioned in the past, I came from a dual boot setup of PopOS and Solus, two great distros for my workflow btw. I think a lot of it would depend on how much time and energy I can put into maintaining my system, but for right now I have a lot of time thankfully! I want to learn and gain more experience in the Linux world which is why I’m on EndeavourOS. So if I have a lot of time, probably Solus or openSUSE would be my choice then. But if I didn’t have a lot of time to dedicate to maintain my system, I’d probably go with PopOS because it’s basically all set up and just works out of the box with my nvidia setup. Ideally though, a rolling release of PopOS (which has been discussed recently!) would be an interesting setup (possible based on Arch, openSUSE, or Debian Unstable ‘Sid’), but that’s not a reality (yet!). If not EndeavourOS, what would you be using?

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  1. Arch
  2. Debian
  3. Any form of BSD

If not for Arch, I’d use Fedora.


Same for me. I actually dual-boot Arch and Fedora on my main workstation.

Even though I am much more familiar and prefer Arch-based distros, I have been trying to spend 3 months in Arch and 3 months in Fedora so I can increase my knowledge of Fedora.


When I am not on my EnOS laptop I am on my dual-boot Fedora-Arch one. Like right now, using Fedora.


Fedoroa Gnome? :innocent:


—, what else?

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Arch Gnome too?


I plead guilty.

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At the moment trying out Solus for the first time in a few years… Seems to have everything I need…

Also big love for Fedora.


I do plan to make a Vanilla Arch + KDE install one of these days. On my desktop perhaps.

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Really? I have good install for that one.


I actually started out my Endeavour adventure with KDE, then came Cinnamon (or was it Cinnamon first? Don’t quite remember now) and later Gnome when 40 was out. The rest is history :sweat_smile:

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Well it would have to include a KDE environment and a rolling release architecture. I am OVER the 6 month update/reinstall type systems. These two have always been on my backup post-it if Arch ever imploded.

PureOS - KDE version available, rolling release based off Debian Testing

KaOS - KDE out of the box, rolling release. Use to be based off Arch, but they now maintain their own packaged software/repos.

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At first, I was thinking “Wow, that sounds cool, I have never heard of KalOS. I am always interested in a new independent distro to test.”

Then I clicked on the link. :cry:


Curious, what did you find off-putting?

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Do you know if EndeavourOS has a mirrorlist something similar to this btw? - https://kaosx.us/packages/mirrors.php or this https://repo.manjaro.org or https://build.getsol.us

Any archbased distro i would use…if not archbased probably tried fedora but that would be the last thing

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The fact that it was KaOS, not KalOS, a distro I was already familiar with :grin:

That being said, while I like KaOS, the software availability issues make it a bit hard for me to use. There are some pretty critical things missing.


:rofl: I had a finger cramp and fell down on the ‘L’…yeah, that is what happened. :joy:

Thanks for that. :ok_hand: