How to install MS Teams

Working from home is the norm at the moment and it will not change very quickly. A lot of us have to use Microsoft Teams for video conferences and @robinjuste made a very useful video on how to install it:


I use Teams every day for work, but I prefer to keep it on my work laptop, wouldn’t want MS near my Linux machine :joy:

Good to know that it’ll install on Linux though :smiley: :+1:

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I can only imagine how Richard Stallman is pissed right now somewhere… :penguin:


To not force Mr. Stallman getting angry----> For the benefit of free alternatives, this link should be able to help:


Yeah we better keep man calm! :sweat_smile:

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It’s righteous anger…

If my boss forced me to use proprietary software I would look into finding a new job as soon as possible. I would really have to be desperate to put up with that.

Not that I’m a free software purist like Mr. Stallman (though the older I get the more extremist in that regard I become), but I’d like to decide what software I use.

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@Kresimir I hear your principles shining through and I applaud them. However in my case I spend quite a lot of time in Teams. The company I work for employs over half a million people around the globe, so I can see how they need to have some standards … could you imagine trying to support 500,000 different configurations each chosen by the individual users?


Yeah, I get that there needs to be a unified standard of communication within the company, but the choice to use a proprietary product was a conscious one. They could have just as well picked a freedom respecting option. This alone would constitute a hostile work environment for me, and I would look for a way out. I would find it unacceptable for my boss to require that I enter into an unfavourable contract with a third party (EULA) in order to keep my job.

Of course, I’m not telling anyone what to do, just what I would do.

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Is there an Open Source video conferencing application that can handle dozens/hundreds of people at once and has good E2EE?