How to Customise KDE Plasma: Tips

Some good tips for anyone wanting to customise Plasma


Also, read the comments on that video.

A lot of people go to the KDE store, install a bunch of plugins, themes, and other rubbish, which was created years ago for who knows what version of Plasma (none of which is backwards compatible), break their DE and then complain that KDE is buggy. :rofl:

Don’t be one of those stupid people.


That’s my biggest criticism of how they’ve implemented 3rd party themes / plugins in KDE…

I don’t know if there is a technical way around it except:

  • Force theme / plugin creators to update to latest specifications, otherwise block ability to download
  • Give users HUGE inescapable warning of theme / plugin being outdated and possibly broken.

Yeah, KDE store is completely useless, one should add it to one’s hosts file and block the entire domain. :rofl:

Really, it is not fit to exist. Just like the KDE community forum. And Discover.

Ideally, KDE should implement something radically different, a store where themes are vetted and can be filtered by Plasma version. But I don’t think they have the competency or the resources to pull off something like that.

You can find a lot of Plasmoids and themes on the AUR, that’s usually a better place to install these from. Personally, I like to keep things fairly minimal, there is already more than enough blo   features in Plasma.


Pretty sure they have both, but probably lack imagination and time.
Besides their whole shtick is being fully backward-compatible…which is long-gone impossible at that point :rofl:

Imagination and time are very valuable resources. They certainly have a shortage of that.

Have you seen any videos by this Nicolove guy? Yeah, that’s the level of competency that drives Plasma development.