Where to start ricin on Endeavour

I have no idea where to start, I currently have EndeavourOS and KDE Plasma unriced, but I have a few questions:

I’m trying to do my research and I found that there are multiple window managers, like i3wm, bspwm, Hyprland etc. Which one do I use? And how do I customise them? What stuff should I install? I

Secondly, I see other people in r/unixporn customising and making their own themes, icons, dotfiles and stuff to give it their own style. I don’t want to copy other peoples dotfiles and themes, so how do I make my own? Any help will be appreciated. I woud’ve posted on the actual subreddit but apparently I’m lacking this thing called ‘karma’ or whatever it’s called and I need to have 30 of these ‘karma’ to post.

on his channel plasma is described quite well

arc-technologies interesting too

LinuxScoop also got a lot ricing things
in the end its about you what you want.


Don’t be afraid to copy or use code snippets from other dotfiles. It is a great way to learn. Also, I’d recommend installing virt-manager or virtualbox so you can practice on a virtual machine(s) rather than your main computer.


Waterbuffalo raises an excellent point, because you will break things.

Ty for the tutorials. I will look into them. Appreciate the help.

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this topic has been dealt with here before. very good approaches to customize plasma

Theming your Plasma Desktop by BONK - Desktop Environments / Plasma - EndeavourOS