How to autostart up .sh in Plasma

Hi, everyone. Can you please help autoexecuting the command for resetting DeadZone to 0 for Thustmaster t150?
evdev-joystick --evdev /dev/input/by-id/usb-Thrustmaster_Thrustmaster_T150RS-event-joystick --d 0
I tried to change .txt format to .sh but it didn’t work. It was saying about bin/bash issues (in russian)

Did you try making the file executable with the following command with bash? Assuming the .sh file is called

chmod a+x

Launch “System Settings”. Then go to “Startup and Shutdown”, then “Autostart”

Click on the “+ Add” button and then “Add application”

choose application

Click on the icon to the right of the entry field, then navigate to your script.



Can you show the full script?

Thank you for your reply. I inserted it . No output

How can I show the full script?
chmod a+x evdev-joystick --evdev /dev/input/by-id/usb-Thrustmaster_Thrustmaster_T150RS-event-joystick --d 0
I only have this now

At last.
I found the solution!
i only had to insert #! /bin/sh yo save file as .sh
I’m exWindows user and thought it was enough to only change the tag as a file format

Great that you solved it! You can also use #!/bin/bash instead, as I think most distros like sh to bash.

And yeah, I was a Windows user too! Welcome aboard!

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Aaah, perfect. Thank you. I’ll stick it to my mind. I had to abandon Manjaro because it used zsh instead of sh or bash. In Mint Cinnamon was no problem at all with that “script” even without #!/bin/bash/sh but OS seemed to be unsmooth to me. This OS has a great potential. And Plasma is just marvelous!

That’s not correct. Manjaro uses Zsh only as the user’s default shell. It still uses Bash for everything else, just like Arch (and EndeavourOS). If you didn’t want to use Zsh, you could have simply changed you user’s shell with chsh.

That said, there are other, more valid reasons to abandon Manjaro, so I am glad you are here.

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Yes, I did that procedure. But all the same got the error. Of course if I knew about that wizard string I woul have probably stayed with Manjaro but… I wouldn’t have met this OS:)

Could you roll them out please?

I could, but I’ve already said them many times on this forum, so better not repeat myself. Here are some links:


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